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Posted by Jenny in MI (Member # 17225) on :
Have any of you had a severe reaction
(sore throat, sweats, dizzy, brain fog) to new construction or to copy shops, or scrapbook stores?

I have a brand new condo I can't live in bc since I got lyme I get an awful reaction to my home. I can't be there for more than 5 mins bf it starts and I have to run out. The same thing happens in the crapbook store, my throat starts to swell and I have to get out fast. It will go away if I take benedryl, but its pretty severe and fast.

Will this go away when my lyme is under control?
Have any of you had a similar reaction to these things?

I think the common component is formaldahyde. It is used in OSB board and in paper products.

Please let me know if you have had this problem and if you found a way to stop the reaction.
Or, if you stopped having this reaction once the spirochetes are gone.

Thanks!!!! Jenny
Posted by LymeCFIDSMCS (Member # 13573) on :
I was going to say formaldehyde.
I have severe multiple chemical sensitivities and could not go within 200 feet of any of the things you mentioned, but my MCS started off gradually, with the types of reactions you mentioned, and then worsened over time.

Some chemicals are what are known as "sensitizers," meaning they will sensitize you more globally to other chemicals, which is what seemed to happen with me. I'm pretty sure formaldehyde is a sensitizer.

Read about the health problems from FEMA trailers in Hurricane Katrina survivors -- due to formaldehyde.

If you're starting to become sensitized, the best thing you can do is get to a safer space and practice avoidance, so that you don't become further sensitized and can detox and desensitize yourself instead. Believe me, it can get a whole lot worse, and you don't want that. Unfortunately, formaldehyde is really pervasive.

There are products made by AFM, such as Hard Seal and Safe Seal, that are designed to seal in formaldehyde outgasing and can mitigate the problem somewhat, but it takes many coats to really be effective. Their paints are also based on a similar formula so using them to paint can help seal in the substrate. If you're stuck where you are, you might try this.

Some people also use Dennyfoil, a thick builder's foil, to seal in toxic outgasing.
Posted by herbalfrog (Member # 12711) on :
Please see topic of "Powerful ways to remove inflammation and neurotoxins" in today's entries.

You need to avoid all places which cause you to feel ill. I have ignored for ages when walking into a store with cheap clothing (lots of chemicals), a dry cleaner, a paint store, Ace Hardware, etc. etc. made me sick. Some strong perfumes or a wood fire would give me headaches.

I now read that these toxins, once exposed to, are building up in my system and since genetically, I have the inability to build up resistance against these toxins, my house is no longer a safe place for me.

I had to go on a strict diet and change my entire living environment in order not to go over the edge and end up in the hospital, once again. Please, take this seriously. Read all entries on this topic.

I would like to refer you to ""
for information regarding Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Syndrome (MCS).Please keep me updated.
Posted by lymeHerx001 (Member # 6215) on :
I have had this chronically since starting Biaxin for Lyme. Its one of the reasons for my screen name.

I just had it from memory foam, and now its mold again.

It makes me so confused and anxious.
Posted by lymeHerx001 (Member # 6215) on :
I also would like information to present to my LLMD>

I feel as if im in a prison.
Posted by troutscout (Member # 3121) on :
I was worse than you......way worse.

Now I am MUCH better...6 years of treatment for Lyme.....and BINGO!!!!

There is hope...I was a universal reactor.

Now.....sell that place and get away...desensitise and detox.

Trout [Wink]

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