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Posted by yourtroubl (Member # 11087) on :
I posted last week about having trouble with my port that had been placed in 4 months ago.

Last year when I treated I had a different type of port and my body just did not like it so this time I was given a medi-port so it could just stay in "forever" he said.

Well, I was treating and having troubles. It was leaking out and hurting. Problem after problem.

This led to a dye study. Which I was called several days later and told blood clot and had to come out tomorrow.

I wake up from the surgery and am told that it had broken off and was around my heard and that I had to be transferred to another hospital for a heart cath to remove the wandering piece.

I had been having what I thought was anxiety etc. Well turns out that was heart issues.

The rogue part of the part was removed and heart returned to normal.

Its a week later and I seem to be fine except for some brusing and stitches.

I do feel very lucky though and will treat in a different manner. Nothing else being placed in my body..
Posted by Doomer (Member # 11013) on :

I was wonder what happen with your port. My goodness, good thing they were able to locate the piece that broke off and get it out of your body. I have read where that has happened albeit chances are very rare.

It seems like you have had a lot of problems with ports.

I'm glad that it is all working out for you and your heart is back to normal.
Posted by cactus (Member # 7347) on :
So glad the surgery was successful and that you are handling it so well.

Wishing you a speedy recovery from that part of the Lyme journey!

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