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Posted by Mike30 (Member # 2581) on :
Looking to try this herb. Just got done with a round of Samento(tinicture), still on mangosteen.

Can itbe effective by itself or is there a mandatory combo? Thanks for any tips. I just ordered the allergy research kind (200mg caps).
Posted by disturbedme (Member # 12346) on :
Many say to take it while on Mepron, because it's a Babs herb.

I've taken Art with other abx but never really noticed anything from it. Doesn't mean it wasn't doing anything though.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :

It is used for babesia and it is always combined with either a pharmaceutical or another herb - or a specific formula. It depends upon which protocol you are on and what your doctors recommends.

As babesia is similar to malaria, treatments are similar. As with malaria, babesia requires combination treatment. Artemisinin is used for both malaria and babesia - and, for either, it is never used alone due to the high possibility of treatment failure.

Ideally, the combination piece also addresses the protozoa &/or potentiates the action of arteminsin.

Babesia treatment, including with artemisinin as part of that, is discussed in each of the three books below.

I don't have information on the Cowden protocol, but if you are on that, you can consult your doctor about the specifics of using the artemisinin- if you need it. Some people are lucky enough not to have babesia. Of course, if you do, it is vital to address it.

Hope this helps. Each of the books below discuss babesia treatment protocols and each includes artemisinin. Although the Buhner web site now is also looking at a different approach with an herb that starts with a "c" -


This book, by an ILADS member LLMD, holds great information about pharmaceutical and complementary treatments: (through Amazon)


- by Kenneth B. Singleton , MD; James A. Duke. Ph.D. (Foreword)

You can read more about it here and see customer reviews.

Web site:


Healing Lyme: Natural Healing And Prevention of Lyme Borreliosis And Its Coinfections - by Stephen Harrod Buhner

Web site through:


Lyme Disease and Modern Chinese Medicine - by Dr. QingCai Zhang, MD & Yale Zhang

-web site: and use "clinic" and then "clinic" for the passwords or call Hepapro through


Posted by LittleLymie19 (Member # 15610) on :
I'm on artemisinin and enula, without an antibiotic. Could this be a successful combo?
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :

Here is another current thread on this topic:;f=1;t=072999

Topic: Artemisinin

Hopeandhealth - posted 15 October, 2008

Posted by METALLlC BLUE (Member # 6628) on :
No, you can't take it alone.

You can however take Dr. Zhang's Artemesia by itself. I confirmed that with him directly.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :


Good point - as Dr. Zhang's formula (Hepapro brand) is a combination specifically intended for babesia.

Also of note: Astragalus is one of the adjunct ingredients and is usually not advised for patients with chronic lyme. However, as part of a formula, in the specific amount here, Dr. Zhang has said that it is fine for anyone at any stage, whether acute or chronic.


Hepapro's Artemisia Capsule ( )

Main herb: Artemiciae apiacea Hance or Artemisiae annua L. and

adjunctive herbs: Astragalus membranaceus and Codonopsis pilosula.

This article discusses the pharmacological actions of the main herb.[ 1]

- Full article at link. (the passwords of "clinic" and then "clinic" again, may be needed as this site is for patients and not open access.)


Also, for those on the allicin protocol, allicin also has some antimalarial properties. One abstract:

Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2006 May;50(5):1731-7.

Antimalarial activity of allicin, a biologically active compound from garlic cloves.

Coppi A, Cabinian M, Mirelman D, Sinnis P.

Department of Medical Parasitology, New York University School of Medicine, 341 East 25th Street, New York, NY 10010, USA.

Posted by Annxyz (Member # 9097) on :
A Reminder : Many of us here have no health insurance, no LLMD . We are self treating .

And for those who say you MUST follow this or that specific protocol , I remind you that there are eons of people who got nowhere on the protocol that is being advocated . Likewise there are a few who makke great strides using unconventional therapies.

I am more impressed wth the potency of artimisinin on lyme and babs than any other
killing agent . The posts I have read that signify success usually mention its value.

Blessings to all here ! we are all beggars
looking for bread here .
Posted by lpkayak (Member # 5230) on :
i know many say it won't work alone-but more than once i used good qual artemesia (not sisin) and my acute babs symptoms went away with no herx or bad stuff. my eyepain and sweats just went away.

i took it the way the bottle said for two months and was better for yrs...i have done it a few times

i'm not saying it's a cure-but it helped me get symptoms under control. my babs test is neg now...but i don't know if that means anything-i just feel better...and didn't have to feel worse to get here.
Posted by Nobody (Member # 16041) on :
Originally posted by METALLlC BLUE:
No, you can't take it alone.

You can however take Dr. Zhang's Artemesia by itself. I confirmed that with him directly.

FINALLY an answer to those of us who can't get the prescription meds!

Thank you Blue! I was beginning to think that if you didn't have prescription co-therapy with art, you were out of luck and going to have to live with babesia forever!

Posted by groovy2 (Member # 6304) on :
The reason it is not to be taken along is because it is thought to cause the Babs to become
resistant to meds-
You dont want this to happen--Jay--
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :

True, the co-therapy does not have to be prescription at all. Some experts may differ on this, however, so it's good to read what everyone says about it.

It's not just the LLMD protocols that stress artemisinin should not be used alone but the world medical experts in their experience with malaria treatment failures from mono-therapy from a single agent, including artemisinin. Statistically, combination treatments have a lower failure rate.

There are several protocols that require no prescriptions: Buhner, Cowden, Zhang, etc. So that is great for those of us who don't have access or funds for a LLMD - or who can't tolerate some of the Rx.

So, whichever protocol one chooses or has designed from working with a LLMD or a ND- or reading from various authors on the subject, there are choices that can be made.

I use the term "protocol" not meaning any one particular one, but to imply simply that whatever plan one has come around to, much thought has been given to it.

What is important is to read from several authors so that the reasons are clear regarding certain choices, combinations and timing.

It's the thought, the planning, the coordination that makes the protocol - or your action plan. It can be individualized and will fluctuate, of course.


I've not seen BIDENS discussed in the lyme community, but as we are always looking ahead this may be of interest for those who have a hard time with some of the other babesia options.

I do not know what it would be combined with so as to prevent resistance, but this is a start:

It has been used in malaria treatment. Of course, further study may be required to see how it might fit into a person's protocol - or plan.

I'd be interested to know if a LL researcher/doctor might be able to say if it could be the co-therapy for artemisinin.

I've used it in a formula called Seven Forests Bidens 6.

Bidens - describes different species and their actions.


. . .

The polyacetylenes from Bidens pilosa have also been shown to inhibit the malarial parasite Plasmodium falciparum, which may explain its use in the Amazon region to treat malaria (24).

In laboratory experiments, the extracts of bidens in various liquid media showed antimicrobial activity (1), and the combination of bidens, chrysanthemum, and houttuynia was shown effective for inhibiting Mycobacterium tuberculosis (16).

. . . .


PubMed Search:

Bidens - 168 abstracts

Bidens, babesia - No items found.

Bidens, malaria - 5 abstracts

Bidens, protozoa - 12 abstracts


A ``Google'' search of "Bidens 6" will bring up other sources of interest.

This is just one of those:

Seven Forests Bidens 6


Note that in Chinese Medicine ``to clear heat and clear toxin'' usually refers to help with toxic infections. Within the research one would find it there are direct antimicrobial effects &/or the "clearing" effects to help the body clear the toxins. Both properties are vital.

Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :

This may also be of interest. It's used for malaria and has a reference to babesia:

Database File

Chanca Piedra (Phyllanthus niruri)

Also called ``Stonebreaker''

- Full article and references at link.

2/3 of the way down the page, you can see Third-Pary Research Published on Chanca Piedra.

Among the citations, in the last section under "Antiparasitic, Antimalarial, Wound-Healing, & Other Antimicrobial Actions" - the fourth listing:

Subeki, S., et al. "Anti-babesial and anti-plasmodial compounds from Phyllanthus niruri." J. Nat. Prod. 2005; 68(4): 537-9.

The abstract through PubMed does not give much to go on ( ) . . . but the full article might.


Chanca Piedra Extract

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