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Posted by Wimenin (Member # 15294) on :
I saw my LLMD yesterday. Im still progressing, and although I am doing better, Im still not completely healed. Im back on biaxin (I had ended my prescription a week ago), and the tindamax Im on ends next week. I ended the cefdenir a week ago. Once the tindamax is done, its just biaxin 2x a day, for the next 50 days. I see him again in 2 mos, and if still having issues (headaches, neck pain, anxiety) are my last remaining symptoms that come and go, then Ill continue on the biaxin.

He said that he went to the lyme conf out west last month. It was hosted by ILADS, and LDA out in San Fransisco.

He said that one of the main topics, main problems that the LLMDs see is that patients/drs, end the abx treatment too soon. Patients get back to normal enough that they decide no more abx are needed, and then down the road relapses occur. The philosphy now is that patients stay on abx longer, but at lower doses once the majority of symptoms are gone, and dont stop the lower doses till they are at least 2 mos past symptoms.
Posted by Tracy9 (Member # 7521) on :
I've been on aggressive abx for over four years now. I am lying in bed unable to move, for the eighth day. I have company coming today (a fellow Lymie with her two daughters, staying with us from halfway across the country to get treatment in NYC) and I can't even get up to pick up the house or bake some brownies.

Antibiotics just can't be the answer....I am just starting to feel like it's a never ending road. I mean if it's the only choice, I'll keep plugging along with them. I take a zillion supplements, do detox stuff, but I am soooooo much worse than I was two years ago.

I am really starting to hope the Bionic 880 might be my salvation....
Posted by Hoosiers51 (Member # 15759) on :
Tracy, I just read this and I wanted to say I'm sorry you have been feeling so bad. I have been feeling really crappy too lately, and it stinks.

I'm really sorry and I understand [Frown] Things will get better somehow.
Posted by njgirl14 (Member # 14174) on :

I am with you. 3 years on abx & I am much worse now. Housebound and barely able to get from one room to the next with a walker.

I am following the news on the Bionic 880 too.

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