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Posted by LaurenTurner (Member # 12320) on :
They bother me. Not when I'm going up, but when I'm going down it really messes me up. When I get off I am so lightheaded, off-balance, and can barely walk. Anyone else get like this?
Posted by MY3BOYS (Member # 17830) on :
hate elevators,,esp. when go fast. throws off my equilibrium or something...messes with me too
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :

Most likely, it's inner or middle ear involvement - which is very common with lyme and TBD (tick-borne disease).

This thread offers lots of detail about that and what can help:;f=1;t=065801

Topic: TINNITUS: Ringing Between The Ears; Vestibular, Balance, Hearing with compiled links


Ginger, magnesium, B-6 and NAC are very helpful to avoid this. If you are taking minocycline or zithromax (azithromycin) you may want to talk to your doctor if you have vertigo at times other than in an elevator.

When in an elevator, go to a side so you can touch the side of the car while moving, front is best. Look at one spot straight ahead. Avoid moving your eyes around.

Focus on feeling the bottom of your feet while maintaining good posture and measured breathing.

Avoid overcrowded elevators. Don't go into an elevator rushed, overheated or when in need of a drink of water (low blood pressure can be a part. Water helps that). .

Lightly Humm a happy tune (or sing in your mind) to engage your ears/brain in a distracting activity. One favorite for friend of mine is "Row, Row, Row your boat" - that is, if you don't get sea-sick !!

Posted by AmandaM (Member # 17466) on :
Over the summer, I got off an elevator (only went up 3 floors) and the entire room felt like it was going up and down (like an elevator does when its getting to your floor) It was so weird. I had to hold onto something.

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