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Posted by lmz1100 (Member # 15487) on :
Hi! I am a little confused about my Igenex WB results and was wondering if anyone here was good at reading the lab work.

I did review with my LLMD today, and he considers me positive with these results plus his clinical diagnosis.

He did mention other doctors may consider me to be negative since IGM was labaled negative?

That's where I am confused. Here are my results.

IGM Igenex Positive
CDC/NYS Positive

18 ++
22 -
23-25 ++
28 -
30 -
31 ++
34 +
39 IND
41 ++
45 -
58 +
66 -
73 -
83 - 93 ++

IGG Igenex Negative
CDC/NYS Negative

18 -
22 -
23-25 -
28 +
30 -
31 IND
34 -
39 IND
41 ++
45 -
58 ++
66 -
73 -
83-93 -

My LLMD explained the difference between IGGM and IGG but I admit it, I didn't really get it. How can you test positive for one but not another?

Also, I don't quite get the "IND". I poked around old posts for other peoples Igenex results and Dr. C's explanation and it looks like this is pretty clear to me, I have Lyme.

I had a bulls eye rash in Sept 2006. Tested a month later and it came back they said "low positive" and put me on two weeks of Doxy.

Now I come to find out it should have been way longer and I've got all kinds of stuff going on, mostly neuro.

Anything anyone can offer, I truly appreciate.
Posted by adamm (Member # 11910) on :
Any CDC positive (IgM OR IgG) is basically the Lyme equivalent of winning the lottery.You have it without a doubt, and the doctors who told you you don't are acting out of ignorance or under duress. There are some very powerful people who don't
want the existence of the Lyme epidemic acknowledged.
Posted by Lymeorsomething (Member # 16359) on :
lmz1100, your IGM is positive unless you reversed your numbers there. And the 83 is related to the bacteria's DNA I believe so that's a good indicator.

Also my LLMD says that the 31 and 34 are good indicators of chronic lyme...
Posted by gemofnj (Member # 15551) on :

Your tests are positive and you have lyme.

IGG is basically represents a past infection, IGM represents a CURRENT infection.

When you got tested in 2006, you may have been tested too soon before your body had time to produce enough antibodies, thereby producing a negative result.

I am sorry, but it seems you were under treated in 2006 and the lyme has progressed.

Glad you have a good LLMD and you are about to begin treatment.

Good luck and keep us posted. [Smile]
Posted by CD57 (Member # 11749) on :
congratulations! you have a screamin' positive case of Lyme!
Posted by Geneal (Member # 10375) on :
Remember that Igenex includes bands that other labs don't.

So to be CDC positive (for epidemiological reporting),

For IgM you need 2 out of 3 bands: 23-25, 39 and/or 41.

To be IgG positive (CDC) you need 5 out of 10 bands.

However, you have bands on your Western Blot that are specific to Lyme.

I think what your doctor was telling you is that anybody else who

Did not know what bands are Lyme specific,

May look at your Western Blot and say "It's negative).

Negative only by reporting definitions set up by the CDC.

Does this make sense?

Go to the top in Medical.

Look at Dr. C's Western Blot explanation.

I think it will make more sense.


Posted by lmz1100 (Member # 15487) on :
I love each and every one of you lymies! So glad I came here for support. Keep it coming, I really don't have anyone to bounce this off of except my husband.

Seriously the "screaming case of Lyme" gave me the shivers and made me really feel I have discovered whats making me feel so bad, and crazy!

I know I ain't no crazy!

Off to bed, tomorrow is a new day. Day one. [Wink]
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
Hey Tampa!

You sure got it.. but tell us... how did you get Lyme where you are?

Don't you know there is NO Lyme in Florida?



No one wants Mickey Mouse to have Lyme disease.. it's bad for tourism... so PLEASE don't tell anyone you have it!

ho ho ho

Also.. did you know there is/was a support group in your area? They are a fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue group too. But Lyme is discussed from what I was told.

Hope your day one is at least memorable in the fact you now know what you have so you can deal with it. That was a monumental day for me.

Cause like you.. I thought I must be just plain old crazy!

Good to know we ain't REALLY nuts...huh? Not totally anyhow.

Good luck to you and let's hope you have a mild row to hoe. Prayers are being sent your way.

[Big Grin]
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :

PRINT THIS OFF the full explanation, and then CIRCLE the numbers that coincide with your positives, IND! That will explain your no. results!
Posted by FunkOdyssey (Member # 15855) on :
IgM indicates a current infection. IgG CAN indicate a past infection and can also indicate an active infection.

Basically, IgM antibodies are crude and hastily produced antibodies that the immune system puts together in the short-term to fight an active infection. IgG antibodies are smaller (better access to tissues), more efficient and more effective antibodies that the immune system produces as a long-term response to a particular pathogen. I like to think of them as shotguns vs. sniper rifles. IgG antibodies can be maintained in the body for many years, and that is why they usually indicate past infection. However, their presence does not necessarily mean the infection is not still active.

Apparently, IgM positive and IgG negative is a very common presentation for chronic Lyme patients. The lack of a strong IgG response is a result of damage to or suppression of the immune system by Lyme. The presence of IgG antibodies seems to correlate with a brief, easily won bout with Lyme, and their absence with the long bumpy road so many of us are traveling.
Posted by gemofnj (Member # 15551) on :

Knowing that IGG is past, and IGM is current (usually) ...

What would it mean if you had a positive IGG but not IGM.

This person has no lyme symptoms except for pain in his shin bone and top of ankle joint.

His duck says he doesnt have lyme especially because he is not presenting normal symptoms.

Any ideas?
Posted by FunkOdyssey (Member # 15855) on :
He might have a long-standing, relatively dormant / suppressed Lyme infection. Or, perhaps he really did used to have it and its 100% eradicated. Or, maybe its active and IgM antibodies are not being made for whatever reason. This seems unlikely without additional lyme symptoms.

There is no way to know for certain, but in my opinion I feel like the first option is most likely. Its nearly impossible to eradicate the organism without antibiotics but some people's immune systems are capable of keeping it in remission indefinitely.

You might ask for an empiric trial of antibiotics to see what happens.
Posted by lmz1100 (Member # 15487) on :
Ok, so I admit it - I've been online wayyyy too much than I should have been for the past 2 days.

So now I have myself that I will probably go blind, lose senses, maybe die from Alzheimers...the list goes on.

Its just everything I read points to the fact there is no cure end all. just take some meds, feel better, stop meds, relapse. Correct me if I am wrong because God knows I hope I am.

My LLMD put me on Suprax and I only started it yesterday but it made me symptoms feel 10X worse. Oddly enough, my husband and I are taking our 5 & 3 year olds to Disney World this weekend.

I need to be feeling good for the weekend. Suprax = feeling awful. Doxy = feeling fine. I am going with Doxy for the weekend just to get through the weekend before I can make an appt and talk to the LLMD about choices.

I guess I am just feeling depressed. I was happy to be diagnosed, but this is certainly not winning any lottery I ever heard about. I wonder (and pray, since my kids are so little) that I will be back to who I was by this time next year. Praying people, can you please send one my way?

Don't ask what that rambling was about, I am just scared and feeling alome in it. I think some will understand.

Off to bed, hopefully to sleep. XO


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