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Posted by adamm (Member # 11910) on :
That's what I read somewhere today...
Posted by unsure445 (Member # 15962) on :
I began to relapse one month after ending treatment and it came on gradually, symptom by symptom so I waited to see where it all went.

One symptom would come and go, then another. After 5 months I started back on abx because I then became weak and tired but I got better much quicker.

Still on Cowden though( its been 3 months) and getting tired of taking it. I am a little nervous to go off because I really don't

want to "go back there" again. But I would say no, its not worse than before.
Posted by MagicAcorn (Member # 8786) on :
I've had a few and none have topped my original bout.
Posted by yanivnaced (Member # 13212) on :
I think if you go untreated then the relapse/remit cycle gets progressively worse (uncontrolled/chaotic oscillation).

With continuous treatment it's the opposite (dampened oscillation).

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