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Posted by backintherain (Member # 14385) on :
I have a lab order for a CD57 test, but I have read that we should have a CBC at least monthly to track progress and general functioning. Will it work if I just check that box off on the lab order too?

oops. I additionally read that the Complete Metabolic Panel should be done monthly. Are people getting this test done? Can I just check that box on my lab order?
Posted by AP (Member # 8430) on :
Can you call your doc and ask if s/he wants the tests done?

I get my CBC/CMP done upwards of 3 times a week, depending on what medication I am on - but I've got some other hematology things going for me too (like hypercoagulation and such).

I would think that insurance would have a major problem if they found out you filled out your own lab order.
Posted by webmeg (Member # 13647) on :
You need to have an appropriate Diagnosis Code at the bottom of the form that corresponds to the tests being ordered, otherwise you may run into problems with insurance.
Posted by MY3BOYS (Member # 17830) on :
your doc needs to order those additional labs. call your md office and leave a message for the nurse, most likely they can fax additional order to lab for you.

if labs not ordered by your doc, with md signature and codes on labs, as well as clinical
notes to corrospond you will have issues with ins.

this can be a scary place for you to face issues with ins. Last thing you need right now is your ins. company looking for reason for non-payment or cancellation of your policy

pls. do not try to just add this on your own; will be much more involved than just "checking off box"

md office responsible for reviewing labs, tracking them with orders given, verifying md reads results, pt. follow-up etc, -- much more behind the scenes stuff than most people realize
Posted by backintherain (Member # 14385) on :
thanks for your responses! I wasn't sure how this worked. Since my doctor doesn't really respond to phone calls, I will just wait until my next appointment.

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