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Posted by LisaS (Member # 10581) on :
This is hard. I can hardly sit up. But I'm so scared I had to write this. Yesterday I when I woke up, I was confused. I let my dogs out and lleft the door open walked to the bathroom. EVerything was like wavy. I saw my kids sleeping on the couhes, they were all visiting for Christmas and I felt scared like we were supposed to be doing something.

I just kept wandering around confused at to what I should be doing. I told my husband I think I need to go to hospital. Then I couldn't talk anymore. I couldn't speak. I also couldn't move my right arm. It felt heavy. My kids and husband were trying to get me to sit down and I could hear them but I couldn't respond or move. They got me into this chair and everything was black. I was NOT unconscience though. I cold hear but i lost feeling of my body and I felt like I couldn't breathe and I felt like my head was burning. Like acid going into it. Ya know that feeling before you faint and you get all weak and can't move. I was stuck like that. I thought this is it I'm dying. And I stopped fighting. I wanted to. My chest hurt and it felt like my heart was having a hard time beating.

Then the paramedics came and I started coing to alittle more. By the time we got to the hospital I could answer questions but there was a bad pain in my right shoulder, neck and it went up the back of my head.

They gave me a cat scan to and MRI of my brain but they both came back normal. They sent me home with papers about a TIA (transient ischemic attack). But said it was either that , anxiety, or a neurological probelm caused by lyme. (Of course they had to add anxiety.

Today I am so weak, my left arm really hurts and I'm way short of breath.

Does anyone know about these? I'm so scared. Is it common with lyme?
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
Oh my...

So sorry to hear this happened to you.

First thing I want you to do is pause... and take a slow deep breath.

Now listen to me.

It is going to be ok.

Did you hear me?

It is going to be ok.

And I wouldn't say that if I didn't mean it. You know that.

Just so you know.. I ended up in the ER 3-4 times for this same problem.

And I lived.

I didn't think I was going to.. but I lived. I was scared simple.

But I was ok.

Never did figure out what it was.

After several "spells" like that.. it stopped.

Soooo.. yes.. it can happen.

And the anxiety of waiting for it to happen again is BAD.


Go dancing or something so you can forget about it.

In the meantime.. know that it is going to be OK!!

Now dance missy!

[Big Grin]
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
NO! Now what did I say?

You are not suppose to be reading right now.

You are suppose to be dancing.

I mean it!

Even if you can just wiggle your butt in the chair...


[Big Grin]
Posted by pineapple (Member # 11904) on :
Did they check you for a blood clot in the chest, do heart enzymes, ultrasound of your carotid arteries? Do you have blood clotting problems, hypercoagulation? If you feel as if you are having trouble breathing, and this came on suddenly, this is not normal and needs to be addressed.

Please call your regular doctor, even at home if you have to, and tell them what is going on. TIA is often a precursor to full blown stroke.

Difficulty breathing and shoulder discomfort sounds more like a clot in the chest or something.

Regardless of what the ER doctor told you, you MUST follow up with your doctor regarding this just to be on the safe side.
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
And yes... pineapple is right.

If you have been checked thru and thru (blood tests, scans, etc)... and there is no immediate danger... do relax and dance.


Be sure to follow ALL instructions they gave you ... which I will assume they said to follow up with another doctor... which is standard procedure.

Glad pineapple made that clear.

Thanks painapple. HA! That was a REAL typo. I meant...

PINE apple!

[Big Grin]
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
[group hug] [group hug] lisa [kiss] [kiss]

my thoughts and prayers headed your way! no experience and you got great advise above.
Posted by glm1111 (Member # 16556) on :

About 5 yrs ago my whole head went numb. I mean numb like someone injected novacaine in my head. Numb enough they could have done brain surgery on me.

I also had a numb chest and pelvis. Went to E.R. via ambulance and thought this was it. They could find NOTHING in any scan, blood work, etc.

They sent me home and there I sat numb head and all for about 3 weeks until my LLMD came back from vacation.

I too let go and said well "I am not dead." It took months for my head to thaw out after tx with IVIG and antibiotics.

I now know it was due to brain parasites Everyone needs to tx for parasites and worms...check

Hope this helps,

Posted by david1097 (Member # 3662) on :
Do you have babesia? You might want to have it checked out as it can cause things like TIA due to the coagualtion effect that babesia brings.

TIA is like a short term stroke. Something gets stuck in one of the veins in the head and then clears its self. It leaves no trace.

Are you under any stress or are you unusually tired. This could also set off a siezure, especially if you are worn out from the lyme. Also a little stress or anxiety can knock you to the floor pretty quick. Again there is no trace left of either of these.

TIA probability is not helped by rest but the other two are. See if rest helps. I'm guessing its the lyme since it was brought on by getting up out of bed. It has happend to me a number of times and thats how I could tell it was going to be a really bad day. Thankfully those types of days are now just history for me.

Sorry, can't say much else.
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
Double post...
Posted by karenl (Member # 17753) on :
Lisa, I am so sorry that you have such trouble. I had this diagnosis in 2006 several times ( my attacks have been different and changing).
I think mine were bloodclots from the die offs.
One of them dissolved by vibrating the gum very hard with the electric dental brush.
I know the ER diagnoses as anxiety or migraine ..
I take 1,200 mg vitamin E a day to get my blood thinner and 15 fisol. I also take care that I do not too much die off at the same time, that means no mega herxing. I also drink plenty of water. I was at Mayo, Hopkins and many doctors but nodody could offer help. Never take anti depression meds Like SSRI or other meds where strokes are listed as side effects. I guess they will offer you anti depressants soon. It is no permanent damage but you have to be careful to get over that difficult time. I am not sure if the blood thinners they offer are good for bartonella patients, as those have bleedings as well.
Take care, but have hope. Karen
Posted by karenl (Member # 17753) on :
I also had all these tests done, I c o p y the post from above
Did they check you for a blood clot in the chest, do heart enzymes, ultrasound of your carotid arteries? Do you have blood clotting problems, hypercoagulation? If you feel as if you are having trouble breathing, and this came on suddenly, this is not normal and needs to be addressed.

With all the MRIs I got worse, I had morgellons and they get worse with electromagnetic fields.
So if you get also dizzy after the MRIs, also consider this.
Posted by LisaS (Member # 10581) on :
glm, that sounds so scary! Im glad you survived that and got it figured out! I have never been tested for parasites.

Thank you everyone who answered. I can still hardly sit or use my right arm so can only type for a minute.

They did a cat scan and MRI of my head but nothing on my chest or arm. No coagulation tests either. The ER Dr admitted he didn't know much about lyme and said he wasn't sure if he should send me to another hospital with more specialists and equipment or just send me home and refer me to a neurologist.

Also a week ago I went to ER for sharp pains in my thigh. Which they just dismissed as muscle cramps. I wonder if I had a clot travel from my leg up through my shoulder, neck, and head.

I am not normal since this happened. I can only sit for five minutes at a time or else I get very dizzy. And my arms are hard to use, mostly my right one. Tomorrow I have a disability appointment with a mental evaluation. I'm hoping he just tells me to go straight back to the hospital.

I also want to mention, a week ago to the exact time, my husband had a seizure at work. He had never had one before and they have found no reason for it as of yet. We both have been referred to the same neurologist. Can this somehow be connected. He doesn't hav elyme. But how weird for us to have two strange incidents like this.

Thank you again to everyone who answered. I printed it all out so I could read it all until I can comprehend what everyone told me.
Posted by Zelante (Member # 9355) on :
This post felt surreal to read as I had a very similar experience a few months ago! My husband was actually crying as I could not talk or move. I was not unconcious but I couldn't talk or move; my entire body felt like it weighed 1000 lbs.

I had a second episode a week later and he rushed me to the ER. Unfortunately I sat in the waiting room for 7 hours; yes, 7 hours!! By the time they saw me I had very low BP, a slow pulse, and low sodium. Otherwise everything was normal.

If you get to the bottom of this then please share. I'm still curious as to what happened.
Posted by karenl (Member # 17753) on :
if you would have mold in your home that could explain why your husband had a seizure at the same time. Mold also can make that shap pain you had. And mold is invisible.Would also explain all other symptoms. Have you been tested for mold by a good LLMD recently? This would be very serious and the next attack would happen soon. Please read Dr. Shoemakers page.Let me know if you need more info on toxic mold.
Posted by LisaS (Member # 10581) on :
Oh my God Karen, I can't beleive you said that. We are having our bathroom torn apart right now because of mold. My landlord wouldn't listen to me that we need professioals and the Doctors ignored me when I brought this up. We have no money. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do.
Posted by gwb (Member # 7273) on :
A month ago I flew to Seattle from OK and when I got there I
began to feel real weak and very tired. The flight really knocked
me out. When I walked around Seattle I would get out of breath
easily and my heart would begin to hurt. I already had been
experiencing heart palpitations for several weeks that I contributed seemed to lyme.

One day in the hotel lobby where I was staying I felt like I was going to pass out. The guy at the desk in the lobby noticed I was not doing good and called an ambulance to come and take me to ER. When I got there they couldn't find anything wrong with me (typical for us, huh?).

The doctor suggested that I get a angiogram because my symptoms indicated that I might have heart disease or potentially have a heart attack. I explained to them that maybe it's just lyme related (risky thing to say to a non-llmd).

One of the doctors who was treating me actually said that it was indeed possible but to be safe I needed to do this procedure. The doctor was very understanding about lyme disease because she was from CT and had a good friend who suffered from it. I was very glad to get a doctor who didn't discount or minimize lyme disease and took it serious.

I reluctantly consented to the procedure and had the angiogram done. As often happens with lyme patients, the procedure showed my heart to be fine and no treatment was required.

Anyway, the point of this story is, yes, I have had this same experience and have, at times, felt as if I was going to actually die. I told my wife the other day that it feels like life is sucking out of me. There are times when I feel like a magnet is is pulling me back when I'm walking or that I am walking against some kind of a force that makes it hard for me to move forward.

As with many lyme patients, I have gone to the ER on three of four occasions with terrible pain or feeling like I was about to die. And like many of you, after all the tests were done, it turns out that "nothing was wrong with me".

Right now, in addition to the various aches and pains I have, the worst thing I am suffering with is severe abdominal pain. Seems that there is always something coming up then when it seems as if I'm doing better something else pops up (same as most of us here can say) .

I was supposed to get a PICC line put in me today but I had to cancel my appointment because it's a six hour round trip to the doctor. Under normal circumstances I could handle that just fine, but right now it's too hard on me to make the trip.

Now that I've read up more on the PICC line I have to admit that I am somewhat fearful of having this procedure done. It's kind of scary knowing the potential problems that could develop with this and I am very reluctant to do it now.

Well, guess I've ranted on long enough. I'm glad there's a place here where I can do that.

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