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I luckily saw your posted pics before removal and these may represent ascaris lumbrocoides (roundworms). An image search under "ascaris" on Google will bring up hundreds of photos. Viewer discretion as many are graphic. One pic shows a child with these things being expelled through the nose and mouth.

Identification could probably be made by searching for a nematode expert at a university or secondly by DNA analysis that likely would be cost prohibitive.

I do not know why your images were removed as many folks may not what these entities are. Knowledge is crucial here. Possibly one quarter of the global population is infected (see Wikipedia summary below).

Below are some google links that provide information, for example, on the organisms' life cycle that ends up in the lungs and thence to the nose and throat.

Wikipedia provides a good summary article with medical references:

web page

In Senegal severe malaria associated with ascariasis (possibly could apply to Babesia) is detailed in a medical paper at link below:

web page

Finally a good PP presentation on various parasites:

web page

Hope this helps.
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Hi Northern,

I had the same reaction when I saw the pictures. I too thought and still think they are ascaris lumbricoides.

I have had the same infection. You are right when you say it is a huge problem. The photos were removed I believe because people complained.

It's a shame because people really need the info. In case you missed this check out

This is what came pouring out of me and many other people. Thanks for the good links you posted and for being aware,

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I'm ascardis'ed of his pictures.
Posted by NorthernLyme1 (Member # 8992) on :
I am surprised they didn't put a lid on this new topic entry. Unfortunately these parasites are ubiquitous and is a subject area where many have no idea or are too grossed out to acquire some knowledge.

Here is a Material Safety Data Sheet on ascaris

web page

Inhalation of the eggs of ascaris via dust is a possibility.

Scott has a good summary on parasites that indicates about 80-85% of the population is infected with various critters such as ascaris.

web page

However, Dr. K, one of the best doctors in the universe finds that many of his lyme patients have parasite problems and the first stage in the healing sequence is ridding the body of various parasites. Below is an extract from his file at

web page


"There is an inherent order in which the microbes should be treated. If the order is correct, gentle methods work. Treatment should always combine electromagnetic interventions, using specific microbial inhibition frequencies (KMT technology) with the appropriate herb, antibiotic or other antimicrobial strategy.

It should also always be combined with a toxin elimination program, good psychotherapy and general life style hygiene (all the stuff, that alternative Medicine stands for).

The Lyme ABC

A. We start with deworming our clients. We often use a simple yet agressive seasalt/Vit C protocol (19) which has an independent effect against the spirochetes also.

The high salt concentration kills large parasites by osmotically induced dehydration (osmotic shock).

High salt levels also increase the enzyme elastase which has a strong antimicrobial/anti-spirochete effect (4)


1.5 grams of seasalt per 20 lbs of body weight in 4 divided doses per day for 3 weeks. With each dose also give 1-4 gms of Vit C (dose has to be just below bowel tolerance).

Three 3-6-week cycles with a 2 week break inbetween. The BP should be monitored and not elevate outside acceptable levels. 5 % of the population are salt sensitive and react with a significantly increased blood pressure.

In the off weeks we give ? tsp of sea salt first thing am in a glass of water.

Sometimes we enhance the program by using the ``Arise-and-Shine'' herbal program. Often I will add in a course of Albendazole or Biltricide.

We developed antiparasitic CDs for entrainment of the immune system. The frequencies were obtained by German physicists by taping the sounds of microbes in their respective live activity in an underground lab which was soundproof and electromagnetically completely shielded (6).

B. the next step is the treatment of giardia, entamoeba histolytica and trichomonas, which most often are overlooked.

Lab detection of large parasites in most US labs is hopeless. Amoeba and giardia trophozoites can only be detected in a fresh stool for about 20 minutes.

None of the labs available to us comply with this necessity. The detection rate is so substandard that only ART testing, a therapeutic trial or abdominal palpation by an experienced practitioner are capable of establishing the diagnosis.

organic freeze dried garlic ( 14 ) treats all of the above astoundingly successfully. Sometimes we add Tinidazole 500 mg bid for 10 days always followed by long term garlic therapy (3 caps tid after meals)."

The above material in this post or in my previous post on this thread is not intended as diagnosis or treatment. Please see a knowledgeable, qualified healthcare practioner.
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Originally posted by GaryRN:
Tracy, we get it !! You don't like my pictures. How many times are you going to say it on each and every thread. Can you add something useful to the thread other than this repetitive comment. Sometimes, I feel like I'm back in highschool.

Shoot me for trying to help thy neighbor !


I haven't made a single comment on ANY of your many picture or salt/c threads.
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