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Posted by katc (Member # 17210) on :
I had an MRI without contrast and it showed hyperintensity white matter.

Anyone else have this?

I am getting dizzy all the time now. Some days only when I bend over or turn quickly.

I would love to hear from anyone else with this.
Posted by wantabe (Member # 14703) on :
yes on the white matter

regular docs- and specialists said normal MRI W/white matter didn't seemed concerned.

LLMD thought their comments were "interesting"

head pressure and pain is one of my major complaints

Good luck finding relief! [bonk]
Posted by lymeparfait (Member # 14268) on :
Yes as well. I also did brain spect scan...I have white matter and moderate hypoprofusion...this is caused by lyme and heavy metals definately for me, but other things can cause it as well.

Need to get the circulation moving...and get rid of inflamation that causes this. Detox is always a good place to start and getting the lyme in control.
Some use abx...and some natural protocols. Depending if MS is accompanied by this...those people seem to stay on long term abx. Iam now doing natural protocol and preparing for the bionic 880 in Germany to take care of this. Getting rid of my metals in the brain first.

Posted by psano2 (Member # 11711) on :
I did. probably still do. At the time of the MRI my ducks said that the amount was "normal for my age".

My head was killing me at the time, and it hurt incredibly during the MRI. I almost asked them to stop the procedure. I didn't know anything about EM waves at the time. Maybe it was killng some Bb?

I also had an abnormal EEG at that time also, which the neurologist said didn't look like anything she was familiar with.
Posted by DaveNJ (Member # 17362) on :
Same here.....Vertigo cleared up after two months of ABX.
Posted by scared08 (Member # 14695) on :
yes-----basil ganglia and cortex.

Do not listen do a Doc. that tells you no biggie or could be "due to age"!!!

Mine cause spamsps, seizurs, vertgo ect.....
Posted by Silverwolf (Member # 9196) on :
Hi there <<<<< katc >>>>>,

Yes I have/had the problem shown in brain scan, still there as far as I know.

They called it white matter lesion disease,w/ two of them toward the back of brain appearing demyleniating [sp.?].

The average non LLMD would say that I have MS I'm sure.

Headaches are a problem and continue to be so,as well as 'seizure like symptoms'.

Jus' the Silverwolf
Posted by Snailhead (Member # 18091) on :
Hi, I have lesions in my brain and also two on my t-spine. Was dxed MS one year ago. Found out I was positive for Lyme a couple of months ago; had my first IV Ceftriaxone today! I am on my way to great health. (Not just good!) Amy
Posted by lmz1100 (Member # 15487) on :
I had "white foci matter" in one region in my brain on my MRI. Regular doc said 'just aging." I just turned 40. Neuro said that is not normal aging for a 40 year old, maybe a 50 year old, not 40. LLMD says its the Lyme and my neuro actually agrees after she ran all those nerve tests on me and is pretty sure I do not have MS.
Posted by tickssuck (Member # 15388) on :

Yes, my brain MRI reads "hyperintensities in the deep white matter." Told by 2 neurologists (one at a University hospital) that it was "normal." They said many people my age (45 at the time) might show this due to migraines and "other causes." I've never had migraines (thankfully) in all of my life.

They also couldn't explain to me the cause of my ills: I was terribly off balance and dizzy, tremoring everywhere, facial and feet numbness, twitching muscles like crazy, light sensitivity, hyper reflexes, I felt about to seizure - I kid you not, almost constantly...I won't bore you with the rest of the terrible symptoms....endless, as most of you know.

Same old story...2 years later (shorter than many of you) I finally get diagnosed with Lyme and ALL co-infections. Both LLMD's I've consulted agree my brain MRI not to be "normal;" though not atypical for someone infected with LD and company.

You're not alone....hope things improve for you. I've been treating for 10 months and now have moments where I feel like I might slowly be crawling out of this hell hole, ever so, so slowly. TS
Posted by scared08 (Member # 14695) on :

Now that I'm feeling a little more alert, I wanted to add a few things. My story is soooo much like all the others that have replied!!

One thing that you can do and I highly reccomend it get a copy of your results and scan from the hospital where it was done!!!!! ALWAYS get copies of all of your test results!!! If you don't already!

You can then see exactly where you leasions are, and Google the different areas of the brain. Many times you cant actully pin-point your symptoms with where your leasions are.

Also, an interesting fact for those of YOU WHO HAVE HAD EEG'S AND TOLD IT WAS NORMAL!! Did you know than an EEG can only measure the electral waves 2 inches all the way around your brain!!!!! In other words if your problem is deep with in the brain, an EEG will NOT detect it!!!! Bring this up to your Nuero. and he/she will be speachless!!!

Just a side note!
Posted by mr al (Member # 18191) on :
how can your docs read this? I have bad head problems and the reason i ask is i have a normal guy who knows nothing of lyme who said it looks fine and read the report that came with it.

My lyme doc said she's not a nuero and can't read an mri. I don't want to travel far from home and spend money for someone to quickly look at an mri. grr. I guess i'm just babbling.
Posted by Cass A (Member # 11134) on :
Good advice on getting the actual scan! I need to get mine!

My MRI says "punctate white areas."

I do have some neurological symptoms--mainly bad memory currently and sometimes difficulty thinking.

I DID have vertigo, which is now gone, after two years of various treatments.

I still have tinnitus.


Cass A
Posted by imagine2 (Member # 3136) on :
Hi! I also have brain lesions. Was diagnosed with MS in 1999. Later found out it was not MS but lyme.

I did ask a neuro if there is a difference in lesions caused by MS, Lyme and migraines. He said that migraine lesions are much smaller in size.

Not sure how they distinguish lyme lesions from heavy metal lesions. Does anyone know?
Posted by SuZ-Q (Member # 5903) on :
We were told that the white spots on my daughter's (13 at the time)were demylenization consistent with Lyme disease. Neuro was not concerned.
Posted by scared08 (Member # 14695) on :
Mr al,

Just my opinion......There really isn't anything wrong with your LLMD saying they are not a Nuero. and are unable to read a MRI. However that depends on what they mean by that!!!!

If they are not comfortalbe in reading the 'films', well that's pretty common. But, they should definitly know what your report means!!!! Also, The LLMD is usally affiliated with a hosp. and should send your films to be read for a 2nd opinion!!

As you already know, the brain is a HUGE part of Lyme dis.!!! If it were me, I would get a copy of my film and report, then get a 2nd opinion. Now, keep in mind that many, many with Lyme don't show anything in the brain except maybe with a Spect scan.

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