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Posted by starbuck (Member # 18835) on :
Hi Folks!

I have a couple of questions and I hope someone can answer. [Smile]

I had Lyme over the late summer. I first felt the aches on Labor Day weekend and by that night was on the couch is pretty bad shape. I spent a little over a week with the horrendous symptoms, thinking I had the flu, until I called my doc and he told me to come in. He found the bite/rash between my shoulder blades. I was put on the meds that day, and took them for 3 weeks. I also had the rash elsewhere on my body, but not severely. I felt better after the meds, but still feel like I have a couple of symptoms.

- I am tired a lot. I've always been a high-energy person, the kind who gets up at 5am without an alarm going off, and is on the move all day until 10pm. Since the Lyme though I feel like I could sleep 12 hours a night or more. I got to bed around 9 and have to drag out around 5:15. I can make it through my day OK, but honestly feel like I could sleep for hours at any point! Could this be a lasting impact of the Lyme, even though I seem to be cured?

- the second question is does Lyme ever cause lasting localized aches? My hands are really sore, which I think has more to do with too much time on the computer - [Smile] - but I thought I'd mention it.


Posted by Geneal (Member # 10375) on :
Hi Terry.

First of all three weeks of antibiotics is probably not enough.

You probably did not get a high enough dose either.

You need to be on antibiotics for at least 8 weeks.

I would take at least 3 months worth.

Also ticks don't just carry Lyme.

They carry all kinds of nasty co-infections.

You need to find and see a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor asap.

Please go to Seeking a Doctor section and post your state and city.

Maybe you can talk your doctor into continuing some meds for you

Until you can get in to see a LLMD.


Posted by Vermont_Lymie (Member # 9780) on :
Hi terri,

Ditto to what Geneal said; please find a lyme literate medical doctor and get an appointment.

And in answer to your two above questions, in order:

Yes, and yes! Most definitely.
Posted by FancyRatFan (Member # 3088) on :
Hi Terry,

Imperative on the previous two replies. ASAP

Posted by shazdancer (Member # 1436) on :
Yes, and yes. It could still be Lyme.
Posted by Lymeorsomething (Member # 16359) on :
Fatigue (energy issues) has been my #1 symptom from the get-go. You should make sure that you were/are checked for co-infections as well.
Posted by Pinelady (Member # 18524) on :
Localized and moving pains.
I showed a lung specialist my hot red toe of the day

one time last year while trying to find out what was wrong with me,

and she thought I was nuts.

Toes and fingers especially.
Sometimes red hot burning pains,

sometimes sharp stabbing pains
like it came from somewhere else.

They like vitamin D which will cause pains on depletion.

They are finding out a lot more about this and are even culturing borrelia in it.

It can get so bad you cannot stand to be touched.

I would offer my pinkie for a hand shake.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
I wouldn't call that "cured!" Sleeping all day is a sign of Lyme and/or babesia, which you could have contracted with the same tick bite.

I would NOT under ANY circumstances stop antibiotics at this time. You will suffer a LONG time in the future if you do.

Please go over to Seeking a Doctor and ask for help in your area. We'll help you find a dr who will test you thoroughly and get you WELL.

Welcome!! [Smile]
Posted by joalo (Member # 12752) on :
Fatigue is my worst symptom.

You were definately undertreated.
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
welcome terri!

YES to all above; you were undertreated and STILL have lyme!!

do NOT go to an infectious dr. who undertreat causing you to become CHRONIC LYME like you have now. they don't believe in chronic lyme. [cussing]

you can learn more in my newbie welcome below! BEST WISHES AND POST IN SEEKING DR. NOW so mon. am you can start calling for a good LYME LITERATE MD, LLMD, appt.!!

Welcome; i'm so glad you found us!! You've come to the right place for education and support!

Dr. Burrascano's most recent "Diagnostic Hints and 2008 Treatment Guidelines for Lyme and Other Tick Borne Illnesses" @

DebAZ's 12.08 comparison of 05 to 08 new guidelines:

Differences in newest Guidelines compared to 2005 Guidelines

Page 25 26 and 27
Added section
"Sorting out the co infections"

Page 28
New info given to get supplements from additional places

In all areas of Supplements
there has been various changes and additions to each description
and i advice people to re read the full supplement section as well the
following additions to the whole supplement section:

Basic Daily Regimin
NT Factor Added

Alternative Treatments

Immune Support
Transfor factor Added

For Fatigue
Took out "For Fatiuge" section

Other Optional
Vitamin D Added

Page 31
"Lyme Disease Rehabilitaion"
is rewitten and added to

He mentions Flexcreme (Flex Cream) by Pharmanex as great for body pain

. suggests that you discuss with your doctor continuing treatment until you are symptom free for 2 months.

Dr. B's Supplement List

this link, making the most of your LLMD visit, may help you also.

please see BettyG's newbie package info on the link below; click on link at bottom of my package. Check it out as time permits for you!

sorry, link takes you to END vs. beginning, so just use UP ARROW and go to the TOP for detailed info! thanks!

Fyi: we have over 1000 viewers daily; 200 - 400 posting/replying; so specific titles get our time/replies. non-specific ones, i sob, scroll on by!

Also, please be very specific in the subject line what you will be discussing so more people will be able to assist you.


please go to my newbie links, copy the entire thing, and then print this off....

financial burdens compiled by melanie reber
pages 74 - 92; outstanding info there.

also in my table of contents, for FINANCIAL BURDENS, i believe there are a few more general comments there without links!! print that off too as it's newer info from members thru their own personal, tragic experiences.
thoughts and prayers headed your way..


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PRINT THIS OFF the full explanation, and then CIRCLE the numbers that coincide with your positives, IND! That will explain your no. results!

People seeking doctors might be able to get help from their state online information and support group. Nearly 3,400 people belong to state groups. Some of the groups are small but more than 20 of them have 50 or more people and seven have over 100.

To find your state group, go to

Type your state name and lyme as one word, like this -

South Carolina is the only state that needs a hyphen between the statename
and lyme, e.g.

The groups are moderated and you have to apply. Most don't allow doctor names, but once on the group, you can ask for doctors in a certain area and ask people to email you privately.

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