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Posted by hilde (Member # 18209) on :
Someone who has experience with this abx?
Witch is the best abx to treat cronic lyme?

Bicillin or ceftriaxone???

Posted by Vermont_Lymie (Member # 9780) on :

One of the differences is, that ceftriaxone (rocephin) generally has better blood-brain barrier penetration than bicillin does.

However, bicillin is easier to administer for some people, because it is an intramuscular injection several times each week, rather than an IV.

Best to speak with your llmd and get advice. If you have neurological symptoms and can afford to receive the IV ceftriaxone, you might want to consider it.
Posted by hilde (Member # 18209) on :
Can i use they together?
Posted by HaplyCarlessdave (Member # 413) on :
I never heard of anyone using these together. Sounds like it might be pretty hard on the body. I wish you success with whatever you are able to try! Be careful, in any case.
Posted by WildCondor (Member # 434) on :
Of course you can take them together. I did IM Bicillin shots on IV Rocephin, and also used IM Rocephin shots along with IM Bicillin. Good combination! Adding Flagyl will make it even better though.
Posted by hilde (Member # 18209) on :
Do you know how much bicillin costs? price?
Posted by hilde (Member # 18209) on :
How long did you take this combination and did you get better?
For how long have you being siik?
Posted by hilde (Member # 18209) on :
And what was the doses?
Posted by WildCondor (Member # 434) on :
Was sick for 10 years before diagnosis. Took 5 years to get well, been off all meds for 4 years with no relapse.

On that protocol it was 1.2 MU Bicillin LA 4x per week and 2 grams of Rocephin IM 3 days in a row (Sat, Sun, Mon) then 4 days off.

That was just one of many combinations I took over 5 years. Another really good one was 3,000 mg Ceftin per day, 2,000 mg Biaxin per day, and 2 shots of Bicillin per week. Then added Flagyl on Pulse. yay!

My story is in the link below. [Smile]

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