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Posted by Bugg (Member # 8095) on :
I've been reading a lot about Vitamin D Deficiencies. As many of you on this board realize, Vitamin D deficiency can cause diffuse muscle pain, cramping, and sometimes twitching....So, you might want to check your vitamin D levels if you have these symptoms and your magnesium levels are normal and you're not getting relief from abx....

Also, I thought you might like to read this article on Vitamin D....scroll down to the Vitamin D and myopathy section and also the Treatment section....
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
Thanks for that info. MUCH help!

I am a continual twitch- no, not a WITCH- a twitch.

And my Vitamin D levels are low.

Maybe I need to do something about that?

[Big Grin]
Posted by luvs2ride (Member # 8090) on :
Vit D3 @ 5000 IU has done wonders for me. I was very low.
Posted by Bugg (Member # 8095) on :

You absolutely need to treat those low D levels...check with your doc....Also, as I posted on another thread, there's great info from people with low vitamin D levels at to this site and look up the article and the comments on Vitamin D deficiency....

Luvs2Ride---Thanks so much for the input about the 5000 IU of D3...I assume that's an over-the-counter supplement? When you first started this, did you have a herx with it (kind of like you did with the magnesium)? I'm just wondering as it initially intensified my aching and reverberations in my body....

Luvs2ride---what symptoms did it help you with?
Posted by luvs2ride (Member # 8090) on :
No, I did not have a flare when I increased my Vit D. I had been on 1000 IU for a year or more but only took it on the days I was not in the sun during the summer and everyday during the winter.

Last Nov. I increased to 5000IU everyday and immediately saw a reduction in the size of my herboden's nodules on 3 joints. These nodules are not rheumatoid but osteoarthritis. It is all the same to me though as it all occurred at the same time.

I was very happy to have these nodules shrink as they were an obvious deformity and painful. Now they are barely noticeable and no pain at all.

Yes, I do buy my D3 over the counter.
Posted by Bugg (Member # 8095) on :
Thanks Luvs2ride....Yes, I cannot believe how long and how terribly I suffered mistaking infection for my body's severe depletion of magnesium and vitamin D......I can't believe how much better I'm walking just from a short course of vitamin D....Still working on both depletions and will be for quite some time...

I'm so glad that the D helped your osteoarthritis....I've been reading so many articles which talk about how the lack of D leads to osteoarthritis ...awful....I'm concerned LLMDs aren't looking at Vitamin D deficiencies enough....I've been to three LLMDs and none of them tested me for Vitamin D deficiency....I had to figure it out on my own along with the severe mag deficiency....
Replacing both the D and the mag is bringing me out of the depths of hell of severe suffering I've been in for sooooooooooooo long....
Posted by mushroomman06 (Member # 13088) on :
extreme upper leg cramps and can feel the twisted muscles at the time of these cramps.

started taking 400 mg of, understanding it takes some time for the mag. to build up in the body.

inregards to vit. D would these readings be found in Vit D-25-hydroxy and the vit. D 1.25 dihydroxy readings on my blood test? or would another test begiven to determine the reading?

have always had muscle cramps. use to have them in my calif muscles but no more, both achillies tendens tore in halt. LYME has done many harmful things to my muscles and tendons.
Posted by Bugg (Member # 8095) on :
Mushroomman06, most docs rely on the Vitamin D-25 blood test....Some on this board will also recommend Vitam D 1.25....

Unless you adhere to the MP theory, I cannot emphasize enough what a difference it can make for you to identify either low mag or low vitamin D levels and treat them....

Low Vitamin D can make your muscles ache terribly....Low mag can cause them to really, really cramp....

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