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Posted by Rambler (Member # 18794) on :
I had a root canal done last night and much to the dentist's surprise, all of my canals were blocked by "pulp stones". Calciferous deposits.

Two big ones and a whole bunch of little ones. The big ones are 4mm x 3mm at their widest points. HUGE! He had to drill and pry them out.

The Doc said he's never seen so many, so big.

OK, so, WTF??

How 'bout that?

Posted by stymielymie (Member # 10044) on :
normal deposits from chronic infection
of the tooth.
tooth was most likely necrotic(dead)
pulp stones are very common
i removed one once the the size of the whole upper pulp chamber

Posted by Rambler (Member # 18794) on :
Love that word chronic!

Jeeze. No wonder my teeth hurt.

Thanks Dave.

I've been really sick this last week and I believe it's due to a major infection in my mouth. I'm on Rocephin, Aztithromycin, and just stopped Mepron 2 days ago.

My doc says maybe it's a mouth bacteria resistant to those axb.

I feel like there's something going on all along my upper left side from my two front teeth to the last molar in back. The last two are already supposed to be dead. I've got major sensitivity.

I know that there is a chance a root could have been cracked and I'll have to wait 'till the trauma of another root canal settles down.

I also suspect Lyme has shot my nerves and is wreaking it's havoc on my over all experience, here.

I gotta say, this tooth stuff is inhumane! God help me!

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