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Posted by Starfall1969 (Member # 17353) on :
I will see my LLMD for the first time this coming Friday (yeah, Friday the 13th--how lovely).

So for the past few days, my shortness of breath, chest tightness and lightheadedness have been getting worse.

I used to be free from it at night so I could at least fall asleep (I never stay asleep, and my sleep is never refreshing), but lately I even have trouble getting to sleep.

I keep finding myself worrying that I'm just going to suddenly drop over dead and I won't even get to my LLMD appt.

I have thought briefly about the ER, but 1. we have no insurance at the moment, 2. I've been there twice already with everything normal, even though I was in the throes of one of these episodes, and 3. I have already seen a cardiologist who did all the tests and found nothing.

So am I just having anxiety issues now in anticipation of this appt. or are the symptoms just in an upswing?

Oh, and I have tried a number of anti-anxiety or antidepressants, and I have had severe reactions to all, so those are not an option.

Help me!!!!!
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
wow, nerves have really gotten to you. meds don't help you relax your nervous system...shoot!

have you been working on DEEP BREATHS too to help relax you and it's good for the heart. that's all i can think of right now.

how about reading more info to calm you down; KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!! HAVE you looked thru my newbie package TABLE OF CONTENTS to see what is available there to help you.

also look thru treepatrol's info; over 1000 links there! that should put you to sleep!

i think i read where you have NO insurance or i would have suggested a sleep study be done. when i had mine 4 yrs. ago, $10,000 !! uffda; paid deductible only.
Posted by Ocean (Member # 3496) on :

I feel for you, I really do. I went years of my life wondering if I would live to see the next day.

And this past week (with my anxiety freshly renewed unfortunately), I have had many times where I thought I would not make it to my appointment on Thursday, March 12 (with my new LLMD!).

I try to think of how many thousands of times before I thought that I was just going to die, or drop over dead like you said.

I'm still here, but the feeling is very real and when you feel so sick, you can't help but think of it.

Please take care, I am SURE that the anxiety is fueling it too.

Posted by Starfall1969 (Member # 17353) on :
Thanks for the encouragement.

When I feel like this, I try to get myself doing something--anything--to get my mind on something other than not being able to breathe.

I figure if it is just anxiety, then being busy will calm it down.

Geez, today I made a handwritten list of 3 boxes of videos I'm getting rid of--what am I going to do with that list?

But I was fine while doing that.

I've also been crocheting and doing plastic canvas crafts like crazy. What I'm going to do with all these potholders and tissue box covers, I don't know.

Heaven klnows they don't sell, lol.

And this has been a good weekend--the local radio station is doing an 80s music weekend, so if I can't sleep I can at least listen to some good music.

And bettyg, thanks for the reminder on the info. Thing is, I have to be so careful reading about Lyme when I feel like this.

I start stressing over symptoms I don't have or might have or might have had in the past. For me, a little knowledge is a thing to stress over.
Posted by tickbattler (Member # 14873) on :
Hi Starfall,

Sorry to hear you are going through this! I'm sure you will be relieved to have your appt and start treatment!

Anxiety is a huge part of lyme and coinfections. In my husband's experience, we associate the anxiety with bartonella. We notice it in my children with bart too. The shortness of breath could possibly be babesia, as I know air hunger is a common symptom. My husband has babesia but never had that symptom.

Just be sure to mention both of these symptoms at your appointment, as I would guess it's more likely from the infections than from worrying about the appt. Just my 2 cents!

Posted by jkmom (Member # 14004) on :
I would think the symptoms are fueling the anxiety and not the other way around.

Suggestions for easing anxiety might be helpful, though.
Posted by lostgurl (Member # 19293) on :
I am the same way and have resorted to large doses of Kava Kava (no antianxiety or benzo helps me now) and also valerian root. I have tried everything, and am a wired mess.. my sleep is the same if I ever get any. My heart/anxiety comes in waves and seems to worsen for a week straight every month... I consider the ER useless too for have been there done that.

I always think I won't see tomorrow and when I am really anxious / tachy, nothing 'hits' me if I take it like if I am in pain-take a pain pill/nothing.

I think the symptoms are creating more anxiety and of course we think of reasons to CAUSE the anxiety , raising our heart rates,etc..

It could go either way of course.which came first the chicken or the egg?.. But I find the Kava is my helper- 1000 mg at a time minimum... I feel for you!

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