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Posted by brf (Member # 8748) on :
I see there is a new condensed protocol mentioning the new imprinted products at:
Posted by lostgurl (Member # 19293) on :
I sent a generic request to Susan's Herbs about this one and I think they are selling it-probably so. I haven't heard of anyone being on this as of yet, but they have a chart (the link below yours on that page) and it's quite handy if anyone does it- seems like this is the 'way' of the future with Lyme..Thanks!
Posted by kam (Member # 3410) on :
Awhile back I ran across some information re: where to purchase the Cowden Products for the best price.

Was it Susan's Herbs?

Going to do a search for this site.
Posted by NMN (Member # 11007) on :
I am on the Cumanda 30 drops twice and Samento 20 drops twice imprinted plus Parsley. Lotta a flaring in all areas. So hard to know whats what as I have also just reached 6 weeks into IV ricephin too.

I will keep it going for a while I think.
Posted by brf (Member # 8748) on :
Lostgurl: I also fired off an email to Susans Herbs to ask if they are stocking the new products and what the price is.

I noticed the new chart - it does seem to simplify things. I noticed some changes as well. I guess they're using a higher dosage of Samento now.

Kam: Susans herbs is the same as and as of a few weeks ago they still had about the best price. They often offer discounts if you buy several bottles.

They have a good price on the Cumanda right now. It's listed on their home page.

You can buy the Samento (not the imprinted one though) at other places on the internet under the brand name Allergy Research Group and also Nutricology. It's called Prima Una de Gato but is the same product - just a different label. Sometimes it is cheaper.
Posted by beths (Member # 18864) on :
What are the "imprinted products?" Do they treat co's and what are we suppose to do with the old products!
Posted by sparkle7 (Member # 10397) on :
Thanks for the info. I wonder how the imprinted herbs compare to the standard ones. I have a bunch of the standard bottles, still.
Posted by brf (Member # 8748) on :
Just got an email back from Susan's Herbs saying they are selling the new products and the website will be updated again tomorrow.

The pictures of the bottles on the site still look the same as the others at this point.

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