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Posted by venus (Member # 16991) on :

This is a follow-up to my other e-mail. Has anyone done omnicef as monotherapy? If so what dose?

Also, what does omnicef treat? Lyme? Does it hit bartonella?

Posted by Dan's Mom (Member # 11347) on :
I've been on omnicef as montherapy for about 6 mos. and I am definitely getting better. My doctor treats very conservatively as he takes insurance. I was only dxd with Lyme and RMSF, so I don't know if it targets bartonella as well
Take Care,
Posted by Jill E. (Member # 9121) on :
I have done it as monotherapy, twice, at 600 mg. a day (300 mg., twice a day).

I found that it kind of helped me maintain but wasn't a big breakthrough for me.

It treats Lyme. I don't think it touched any of my coinfections.

Posted by venus (Member # 16991) on :
I have been on it with zith and mycobutin. My doctor just took me off the other two because of my wbc count being low.

That leaves me with the omnicef for now. I am just wondering if it will be enough for the time being.

I think that it treats lyme and not bartonella so much. Bartonella seems to be my bigger problem.

Posted by lostgurl (Member # 19293) on :
It is a cephalosporin like rocephin only oral, a cell wall inhbitor.. I am not sure about it hitting Bart, I think Zith is more affective with that one. Best of luck

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