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Posted by randibear (Member # 11290) on :
i know it sounds like a crazy question but the reason i'm asking is because of these dang stomach issues.

i can eat a small amount and have to eat around 3 or 4, otherwise i am in really bad pain all night long.

have to eat something like oatmeal,jello, etc.,

i'm on biaxin and flagyl.

sometimes i actually feel like i'm having stomach cramps or sharp stabbing pains.

so can specific organs herx too? instead of an over all feeling?
Posted by lostgurl (Member # 19293) on :
I am in the same boat.. I have started making sure to take my probiotics and it helps along with a 'cleanse' mix of digestive enzymes...

I think herxes to be honest can be felt or perceived as one or two organ systems but as far as I know it is throughout the body and sometimes the stomach issues are the first ones to show up, esp since the liver has to eliminate toxins and more importantly (in regards to stomach probs) the gallbladder.

The gut is the first that gets the flora eliminated and sometimes underlying issues can be felt or revealed when this flora is gone.

Is it right when you eat that you are having pains and continue to have the pains all night or do you feel better not eating at all?
How often are you taking the flagyl and do you see a pattern with that? I am only on the flagyl twice a week and it's worse when I take that for sure.
I have been on meds for six months, rocephin for two..When starting the rocephin two months ago I noticed the stomach issues coming back,and when I infuse my dose, the pains/bloating/gas come on full force like clockwork. The worst though is with the flagyl like I said.

Are you on probiotics or digestive enzymes? AS lymestop said, the propulsion of some stimulants and enzymes/cleanes can wreak havoc on your gut, I stuck it out and kept taking it (a hellish first week on the enzymes) but now it's much better and I don't have the classic IBS or hyperactive stomach nearly as much.

. That was one mistake I made when starting meds.Our poor tummies are such a mess with this illness- all of your normal GI flora will be removed with the abx, many of us go in to this with a yeast overgrowth and /or parasitic inefections that many LLMDs overlook too. Just an added thought.

I feel for you! For me it was my stomach at first (then on and off always) then the bladder, then my HEAD- chronic neurotoxins so am on questran for that and it has helped. good luck to you
Posted by AmandaPI (Member # 5587) on :
My bladder ALWAYS bothers me when I herx. I feel like I have a UTI but really don't. I also always get migraines. I think it can affect different organs for different people.

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