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Posted by painted turtle (Member # 7801) on :
Does anyone have to sleep, like there is nothing at all that will keep you awake kind of thing (plus very weak) ...especially after eating?

Is this some kind of lyme thing, or maybe something else??

It especially seems to happen after eating and my brain feels completely unable to stay awake.

There are times when my brain cannot stay awake when I haven't eaten, but seems more prominent when I've just eaten a meal. (at least that is what happened today)

Anyone know anything about this?
Posted by lostgurl (Member # 19293) on :
Sometimes (alot of the time) after you eat your body releases insulin to counteract whatever carbs/sugars you have consumed... Many times, especially for those of us with Lyme and poor immune systems, our insulin can be released in a high amount, creating a vicious cycle that actually drops our blood sugar, this is also common with yeast overgrowth . We can't seem to regulate the sugar..

Also, many will say their blood flow is all being directed to the colon to aide digestion- so- a laymans term is 'no flow to the brain' and one will get super sleepy.

My gut tells me this is sugar related, it always is with me, no matter how well we eat or what our diet consists of.. It's a constant battle I fight .. Hope that helps
Posted by Al (Member # 9420) on :
Not uncommon with lyme ;Dr Jones had a girl with this on his film. I had this for awhile.
I would fall asleep with food in my mouth at times. I would fall asleep in the middle of a sentence. At other times I

Posted by painted turtle (Member # 7801) on :
That's funny Al.

Lostgurl, thanks for the tip about the sugar.

I wonder why it is inconsistent.

I could take chromate to help with the hyperinsulinanemia which, I've been told at one point, I do have.

Any ideas how to combat it if this is what it is???

Al......I'm not that drastic! I, at least, know I'm going down, but there's nothing stopping it.

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