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Posted by aileenhome (Member # 3960) on :
Had positive test in August and again at end of November. Treated with abx (mostly amoxicillin) for 6 months. LLMD took me off at end of January because of ringing in ears.

Felt really fantastic for about 10 days after coming off so was sure it was gone. But have been declining since then (nausea, tingling, etc). Latest test from 10 days ago is now negative.

Now I don't know if my body is just trying to recover from abx (long story but this is not my first go-around with this so I have had many abx in last 5 years. Or am I just full of candida? Does it mean anything for test to go from positive to negative after treatment?

I was away so I haven't discussed with doc but message I got from his office was not to go back on amoxicillin. Before I got the message, when I was away I was feeling bad so I decided to try a couple doses amoxacillin and it made me feel horrible.

Now I have no idea what to do next, or where to turn. I don't want to rush back to abx if my body just needs time to recover and I am willing to tackle candida diet. I would appreciate any thoughts. Thank you.
Posted by lostgurl (Member # 19293) on :
You could be full of candida.. You had an IGENEX test or a urine test to check spirochetal DNA ten days ago? I have heard people decline quick, within the first month sometimes.

Anything can make the test negative esp. after antibioitics, even IGENEX.

Did they consider just switching your abx? Although I always have tinnitus mine is much worse but I am on zithro/rocephin/malarone and flagyl.
If you tried a few doses of the amox and you felt horrible you could have been starting to herx and it could have been a 'good' sign that you do need more abx...

If you have done this before I know you are aware of all of this info.
For candida you can also try oil of oregano and cumanda to battle it..If you have nystatin swish and swallow hanging around -take it! Swallow it -sometimes I think only an RX will help like that or diflucan..

i am sure others could answer this one with some better info-I see you are miserable-wish I could give you more help and I feel for you if this isn't your first go around with meds. Best of luck to you
Posted by aileenhome (Member # 3960) on :
Thanks for your thoughts lostgurl. I was testing positive with LabCorp and now negative. When I took the couple of doses of amoxy I was about to fly back here from Europe so was afraid to feel worse.

I guess I really need to talk with my doc. It is so up and down from day to day that when you have your doc appt. you feel like you cannot give him accurate info because how you are feeling changes so much.

Have been scouring candida info on internet and will do my best with that. At least having those 10 days feeling great I know that good health is buried in me somewhere! But it is depressing to have it snatched away again.
Posted by aileenhome (Member # 3960) on :
Just to update - doc told me to start back on the amoxy - within taking only 2 doses I felt much better so was feeling really positive. 90% of the symptoms I was feeling were gone so I was sure amoxy was helping me.

However, I only felt better for about 5 days then the tingling/twitching/crawling feelings started up again, especially in my legs. Now I don't know if this is from the amoxy, or a herx, or candida.

I don't know what to think any more.

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