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Posted by jocus20 (Member # 11576) on :
Just curious out there who have taken Avelox. I know its the quinolone family of abx. Ive taken cipro and levaquin in the past for a short time.

Anything i should know about Avelox? I swore i wouldnt take any of the quinolone drugs again cause ive heard horror stories.

I kinda have to take it though. Im taking it for a chronic prostate infection but also for bart and lyme.

Is avelox harsher than levaquin or cipro? Anyonw have any success with this drug?

Thanks for any info.
Posted by charlie (Member # 25) on :
It made my feet hurt (on top)...tendons, just like cipro. Also it isn't supposed to be given to people with heart arrhythmia.

That's all I know about it.


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