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Posted by lakes592 (Member # 18905) on :
Just doing alittle research as my PCP recently tested me for Syphillis which is what made me put two and two together that I could be relapsing with Lyme.

From what I know so far they are both Spirochetes and I have heard it referred to as a cousin to Lyme.

From what I have read it is similar to lyme in that if caught early you can be cured? I read though that the late stage of Syphillis can't be cured and symptoms may come out years later and may lead to death.

so my question is if late stage Syphillis can't be cured, how could Lyme? Not trying to be Debbie downer. I was suprised by reading this and disappointed. Not sure if anyone has any info on this?

Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :

No one claims there is a cure for lyme. However, with treatment, many have seen their quality of life improve drastically in - uh - word loss here -- not recession but something like it.

Although they are similar, there are differences and we still don't know everying yet. I do think, though, with the right treatment that they both can be cured - hopefully, somehow, some day - I think few really ever get the treatment in time and as required when it does finally happen.

Still, for now, even if we have to be vigilant for the rest of our lives, what matter is the QUALITY of that life - not feeling so sick and able to be more active, etc. Whatever treatment, even if not a cure, if treatment and care helps, that's at least better.

Grocery delivery guy just came. gotta go.

This discusses the similarities:

Persisting atypical and cystic forms of Borrelia burgdorferi and local inflammation in Lyme neuroborreliosis

Posted by duke77 (Member # 5051) on :
I think it is impossible to say that anyone ever erradicates all of the lyme bacteria. I think they put it into remission and hopefully it stays there.
Posted by lakes592 (Member # 18905) on :
Oh ok...Well what through me off was when Dr. Jones stated on " Under our skin." That he is happy to see his the patients cured.

When he said it I was thinking to myself why did he say cured? I also thought it opened up a can of worms for people such as myself who already did 18 mo. of antibiotics and have now relapsed after 4 years.

I mean I know he knows his stuff and I'd like to think cured but think it is decieving to use the term cured.

Speaking of Dr. Jones who warms my heart everytime I watch the film. I worry so much everytime I see it about all the children. I always say what will happen to all those kids when he retires or worse? Is anyone training to take his place? Just was wondering about that.

I have always said I have Lyme disease but I am in remission. I always think of it like cancer. I have known people who have been in remission with cancer and then suddenly after 5 years have relapsed.

Posted by adamm (Member # 11910) on :
According to what I've read, disseminated Lyme has never been cured in any mammal.
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
yes, different drs. have gone there to train with him; how many; only he knows! [Smile]
Posted by lpkayak (Member # 5230) on :
well...maybe he really shouldn't have said cured...but he gets really, really sick kids in and then they end up back in school and playing - even sports...i saw a miracle with my grandson. it sure looked like a cure.

also-my kids to the world would look like they are cured. i still see chronic sinus and mood swings in them...and think regression or chronic lyme...but they are very successful academically, carreer-wise, socially , physically. if i said they had lyme still ppl would think i was crazy (except for you all who get it...)

but the word "cure" is questionable and so is "chronic lyme"-somethings going on, but is it toxins? yeast? coinfections? permanent nerve damage? blah, blah blah

sort of just samantics...we're sick but from what and how to get better?
Posted by lakes592 (Member # 18905) on :
Oh good to know Betty... I am so glad to hear that and relived!

Posted by sutherngrl (Member # 16270) on :
My thing is, who cares if you call it remission or cured as long as you are better.

I know people that have been cured or if you like in remission for 5 years and counting. They consider themselves "cured", and I would too if I went that long without any symptoms.

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