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Posted by fatigued15 (Member # 6437) on :
How long is IV Rocephin good for when mixed and in the fridge. Has anyone had theirs turn bright red.

I thought it was good for only 10 days and the infusion company send my son 14 days at a time and told him that it is good for up to 40 days.

Posted by NMN (Member # 11007) on :
Its good for 3 days a room temp, 14 days in the fridge and 6 months frozen. Thats whats on my script label.

I have one that leaked a month ago in the fridge and it is bright red now. Probably not a good sign.

I can not imagine why yours would be different. Best double check with them though.

I am not a doc or nurse, just giving you my opinion and experience as a patient.
Posted by feelfit (Member # 12770) on :
Mine turned when it was left outside my door by the delivery co. and it wasn't refrigerated for days.

Any turning of color should not be used is what I was told. However, mine came pre-mixed.

Posted by fatigued15 (Member # 6437) on :
Thanks. These are premixed too.
Posted by viva (Member # 8183) on :

When my husband was doing Rocephin (also pre-mixed), one bag turned a rusty-red. The instructions said not to use if there was a significant color change. I called the infusion company; they said it was probably alright to use, but that they understood if we were uncomfortable doing so, and they replaced it at no cost.

Our company sends a week's worth of meds at a time.

I would call the company and ask about the color change; perhaps consider requestingthat they ship smaller amounts more frequently?


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