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Posted by stressed out (Member # 16480) on :
deleted apon request

i guess the doc may not want it posted

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Posted by ugagal (Member # 18471) on :
I'm very sorry that your wife is having such a difficult time! I understand her frustration completely as I suffer from left-sided hemiplegia, seizures and arthritis as a result of Lyme.

I'm also one of Dr. J's newer patients and I can tell you that I strongly believe he is one of the best LLMD's in the country. If anyone can help restore our health it is him.

Hope this helps provide some comfort to you both.
Wishing your wife a healing journey toward reclaiming her health and life!
Posted by feelfit (Member # 12770) on :
Hey Stressed out, nice to meet you! Well, you are with one of the best now that is for sure.

Is your wife feeling any improvement yet in her 8 week treatment plan?

How long has she been ill? How long treating? These things can make a difference.

I think that you will get out of this mess with your current doc. Many who think that they have nothing left get better with Dr. J.

Posted by feelfit (Member # 12770) on :
What lab did Dr. J use to test for Babesia?
Posted by stressed out (Member # 16480) on :
it was dr P of ct who tested for babs - b4 we seen dr J

just a quest lab

thanks for your replies - we feel very good w/

Dr J - he has given my wife some hope which was

hard to do - she has been sick with this for 13 yrs

she has had 4 picc lines in that time but these

past 3 years since she lost her legs have been
the worst for her to bare- she is a very

independant and active person by nature- one of those who say - dont tell me i cant - or i can do it if he can!

shes good inside and out and as beautiful to look at as they come

i try took get her to spend more time on the site- but she has a hard time on the PC

face turns bright red from light - ever since she got steven johnson syndrom
Posted by feelfit (Member # 12770) on :
Awww Mr. Stressed out,

You are so sweet too. A lyme sufferer needs a significant other just like you!!!!

Wishing Mrs. Stressed Out much improvement down the road.


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