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Posted by randibear (Member # 11290) on :
this is not a swine flu question but it does bring up an interesting one for me.

because we take so many antibiotics, are we less susceptible to swine, or any other illness?

seems we are already protected?

makes sens to me?

(sorry for typing, i strained my wrist and am in a splint...)
Posted by ugagal (Member # 18471) on :
Since Swine flu is a virus, I'm not sure that being on antibiotics offers us any protection. Also, antibiotics can lower white blood counts which would make it more difficult for our bodies to fight off other infections and/or viruses. I'm not a doctor, so I'm basically just thinking out loud here....I'm sure someone with more medical knowledge will help us out.
Posted by Jin (Member # 11735) on :
Dear randibear,
The H1N1 Influenza A illness is a virus. Antibiotics destroy bacteria. Not many viruses respond to antibiotic treatment. That is why colds and the flu always have to be waited out. Certain herbs are found to be anti-virals as well as anti-fungals, such as garlic. Elderberry extract is another thing that dramatically boosts immunity to bacteria as well as the other microbes.


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