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Posted by roro (Member # 13383) on :
I sometimes cannot eat enough meals while still still taking everything and having enough time to take the artimisinin on an empty stomach.

Here is what I am on:

mepron: (with fat and starch 2x/day)
artimisinin: empty (2x/day)
biaxin: with starchy food
multivitamin: with starchy food
milk thistle: ?
calcium/mg/vitD: one with multivit and one again at bedtime with yogurt and probiotic

other meds that I take whenever, don't really worry about food/no food
4 pain meds, nexium, nystatin pills, atenolol, hydrocortisone

Mainly wondering is artimisinin has to be on empty stomach?
Can I take the biaxin with one of the doses of mepron?
Can I take the probiotics with the other dose of mepron ( i know you cant take probiotics with antibiotics, but mepron is not an antibiotic?)
I remember doxy can't be taken with dairy or vitamins, but not sure about other meds.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
I never took ART on an empty stomach. Didn't know i was supposed to!

Starchy foods?? ugh.. who said that??
Posted by roro (Member # 13383) on :
no one said that about the starchy foods, I just get really sick if I take meds without a starchy food like pasta, rice, bread, potatoes.

I was on atkins about 7 years ago, and my dr suspected lyme. he gave me a huge bottle of doxy, probably a month or more worth. I remember one morning eating shrimp and grapes for breakfast and puking on the side of the road. My tests came back negative, and he said I didn't need it, so I stopped taking it. I regret it now.

I tried a few times taking these meds without starchy food and got sick to my stomach. I am hoping I wont be on these meds for life, I really want to get back to lowcarb. This hi-fat hi-carb diet is killing me.

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