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Posted by duke77 (Member # 5051) on :
I am not sure if this is new news or not just came across it.
Posted by Snailhead (Member # 18091) on :
I think this is definately news. If they can link one virus, maybe they can link Lyme as a trigger also. I believe that is what happened to me. Thanks for the great find; I am going to share it with another (MS) site I am on.
Posted by Marnie (Member # 773) on :
Or HHV-6.



Baclofen (muscle relaxant) helps, but only with one of the 2 G proteins.

Both Gi and Go have to be functional...and they both have subsets.

Also, see the link between Gi/Go and the pertussis toxin.

Gi/Go = Gaba B.

And Frontline, to protect dogs from getting lyme allows only GABA B to "work".

GABA A and GABA C (chloride channels, fast inhibition) are off. GABA B is NOT a chloride channel and it -> slow inhibition.

Bb's "toxin" cleaves MAPKK-1 and thus does not allow it to work. Bb is robbing 2 phosphates (dephosphorylation) from serine and using them to make glutamic acid (glutamate) which it absolutely needs. Glutamate is a chemoattractant for Bb.

Bb metabolizes glutamate (and alanine) to get the amino acids to build its cell wall.

Glutamate -> GABA.

Bb needs those GABA A and GABA C chloride channels working.

Because Bb's motility depends on NaCl. Sodium CHLORIDE.

AND it is using Na for its Na-ATPase. It is using sodium to make its ATP.

While WE use Mg to do this: ADP-> ATP -> ADP -> ATP.

The Na will displace Mg in the infected cells.

Bb is not the only pathogen that may trigger MS.

Prolactin, given to mice engineered to get MS spontaneously restored the myelin sheath.

Prolactin levels rise sometimes in late lyme.

As the body tries to shield that "insulation" around the nerves which likely is damaged by the excessive free radicals triggered by the release of the inflammatory cytokines.

There are many pathogens that are "toxic" to us i.e., they have endoproteinases that cleave (break apart) MAPKs.

While this may seem disorganized, I'm trying hard to give you a LOT of very technical information in just a few sentences.

I have a friend with MS, so I have also looked hard at info. about that disease as well.

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