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Posted by Starfall1969 (Member # 17353) on :
Okay, I woke up this morning with a stuffy nose, didn't think too much of it since it is allergy season and hubby mowed last night.

So I got up and blew my nose, and it was nothing but blood.

It continued bleeding for a few minutes.

Right now it's okay, but I'm still stuffy and afraid to blow.

I'm taking Doxy, Rifampin and Vitamin D.

Is this a med reaction, something with Lyme and company, or something unrelated?

The pharmacy won't open for an hour yet, but I'm going to put in a call to them to see what they think.

Anyone have this issue?
Posted by CathyMary (Member # 20071) on :
you mentioned hubby mowing lawn i think I read

Grass cuttings and mold. Something about mold and

nosebleeds too.

Not positive as I have to reread and reread to

grasp something. And I am in the mist of all this

mold stuff. ugh before it was instant recall.

But wait for others about lyme, meds relations.
Posted by Starfall1969 (Member # 17353) on :
I did a search on nosebleeds too, and someone mentioned babs.

I'm waiting for the test results on that, but I've had some other babs symptoms popping up this week, or current symptoms worsening.

My shortness of breath has been much worse, my chest feels funny, I had nightmares the other night and night sweats for the first time ever.

So now I'm really wondering....
Posted by She R Lock (Member # 18823) on :
How is your blood pressure? High blood pressure can cause your nose to bleed.
Posted by Starfall1969 (Member # 17353) on :
Well, that's not it, lol.

My BP is like 105/70.
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
i've had them FOREVER!! i even had 2 nose surgeries; septoplasty to straighten my .... golly, mind went blank again. SEPTUM.

i still have them! normally during winter i wake up with them and can feel the blood slowly using out.

thru all the nose drs. i've had, they taught me this:

do NOT put your head back;
blow hard to get OUT ALL the blood in you;

"you have an internal bleeding problem, but we can NOT find it"!! yeah right..... muttering to myself.

normally after supper, i always have to blow my nose after a meal; it starts my right side going again; that's always been my problem area for 29 years now!!

best wishes from 1 nosebleeder to another... xox
Posted by seibertneurolyme (Member # 6416) on :

If you also bruise easily then you could be deficient in Vitamin C -- sometimes Vitamin C deficiency causes nosebleeds as well.

Betty G,

Having to blow your nose after eating probably means that you are having a histamine response to something you ate. Could be a sign of a food allergy. The supplement quercetin might stop this symptom.

This is not medical advice, just my opinion based on hubby's experiences.

Bea Seibert
Posted by bejoy (Member # 11129) on :
For me, nosebleeds always mean internal fungal infections, and often exposure to external fungals.

Are you on an anti-fungal diet and fungal treatment with your antibiotics?
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
bea, thanks for the non-medical advise and suggestion. i made a note of it and will check it out! [Smile] xox
Posted by DakotasMom01 (Member # 14141) on :
Nosebleeds can happen because your nose is dry.I get them more in winter , when the heat is on.

""I woke up this morning with a stuffy nose"" If you don't have allergies, perhaps consider, dehydration as a cause.

The stuffy nose can be from dryness,the space is small, the tissue gets dry, irritated, and swells, so the nose feels stuffed.

Sjogrens (sp) does this me alot, esp at night when sleeping. As aoon as I drink some water, the stuffiness goes away. Saline sprays might help, to use before bedtime.

Just another point of view. Good Luck sorting it out.
Posted by jarjar (Member # 8847) on :
I use to have nosebleeds ages ago and the best thing a dr. told me was to take vitamin K and it worked.

Here is just one thing I googled you can google vitamin k and nosebleeds and find many articles.

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