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Posted by Geet3721 (Member # 15751) on :
I went to my LLMD last week and he did muscle testing on me ( I think thats whats its called) and I showed bad reaction to candida so he definitely thinks thats the problem he doubled my diflucan dosage.

However good news is he think I may have Lyme in remission. I am suppose to finish all the mino and plaquenil that I have of and then going down to just biaxin and seeing how is goes.

I been on double dosage of Diflucan since Friday which is 200 mg twice a day and been eating really good but its a little rough I feel dizzy and I get these weird headaches and occassional nasusea.

Is this herxing? Do you herx when you kill of yeast? how long will it last? [Smile] I'm just doing this difulcan for a month and then I am just taking Biaxin.

PRAYING for good results. THANKS ALL for your ideas and support!!!!

Posted by Nal (Member # 6801) on :
you can definately herx while killing off yeast and only your body will know how long that will take. Drink plenty of lemon or lime water-that will help a lot. Hope you get to feeling better soon
Posted by Geet3721 (Member # 15751) on :
Thanks Nal!!! really appreciate it!!!

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