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Posted by Elizabeth Erin (Member # 13866) on :
Any one here still work full-time during treatment??
Posted by Starfall1969 (Member # 17353) on :
Well, I'm a stay at home mom, but a few months ago I had to take on a FT temp job when hubby was laid off.

That was pretty hard--I could get through till mid-afternoon, then started struggling to stay awake.

Then I'd get home and just be dead.
Posted by Elizabeth Erin (Member # 13866) on :
I start treatment next month with a "real" LLMD and i am scared out of my mind [Frown]
Posted by Need Lots of Help (Member # 18603) on :
Expect some Herx reactions. When I was working and I started treatment, I missed a whole week of work.

Because the antiboitics were killing off so many bacteria and they were clogging my system. I was dizzy, sweaty, headachey, nauseated, and it was pretty bad.

My reactions started one or two days after starting the medications. I was started with 2 meds, doxy and amoxy, and they told me to start one at a time, and I was in a hurry and wanted to get better, so I started them all together at the same time I was on my period.

Then my doctor told me I should never start a new regimine while on you are on your period.

If they say go slow, go slow. Because I was sick as a dog!!

Good luck to you!

Posted by Nicole_Denise (Member # 20620) on :
I am still working full-time, but it's a pretty mindless job. The real test will be when I go back to school in September.
Posted by asummers (Member # 18068) on :
I work full-time. It is hard to get up in the morning and as soon as I get home, I crash on the couch. I can't remember the last time I cooked dinner. I have to be really careful not to get too exhausted and keep stress levels down.

We are getting ready to move to Australia in a couple of weeks. I have decided not to work for a couple of months so that way I can focus more on my treatment.

I will be starting Flagyl at this time as well, and I am scared about a herx reaction. Prior, I was just on Doxy, then Ceftin, now Zith. So far, no big herxs.
Posted by Elizabeth Erin (Member # 13866) on :

Posted by Pinelady (Member # 18524) on :
I wish I had never been laid off. I think if I had suffered through I might have made it. I

don't know for sure though. The first was filled with nausea and vomiting, weak, sweats, you name

it. I had 3 weeks vacation I was going to take if they would let me. Now it has been 3mths. and

I feel like I am going to have to have rehab to get going again? I can't believe this disease.

Everyone just expects this to be gone like strep throat and it is not! My stuff still don't work

right, MS symptoms and eye problems are sometimes worse. Even seen yellow spots on things. But pain is greatly improved! I feel

like the Y is in order. If I had not made it while working I had insurance that would have got

me through. I am there with asummers. I am still on Ceftin. Almost to Zith. Looks like better days

are on the way. Thanks asummers. I am having my second period in over a year. First was when I first started

treatment. It is working. So hang in there.
Posted by Elizabeth Erin (Member # 13866) on :
I cannot afford to be out of work...I need the insurance. I am a single mom, with a 9 year old.
Posted by Elizabeth Erin (Member # 13866) on :
I am so happy to have found this site, and the knowledgable people!
Posted by losferwrds (Member # 19741) on :
I work full time, I don't see how ya can't unless your on something inexpensive like salt/c or have the the one time fee to pay for rife machine.

The thing that chaps my *** is my ins will only give me 6 zithromaxs a month, I gotta pay 4 bucks a pill for the other 24(hey I blew six bux a day on marlboros when I smoked so it ain't that bad). Aetna wanted to push me over to Biaxin, but I prefer the one a day dosing and super long half life of the Zith.

Ya gotta look at this way, if the symptoms haven't got you to the point were you are disabled, the treatment though bumpy at times should only start to make you improve. I think genetics plays a big role on how well you detox, that followed my a smart diet and decent suppliments.
Posted by sammy (Member # 13952) on :
Hi Elizabeth,

I also work, usually 3-4 (8hr+) days per week. My job is very physically and mentally demanding. There have been times when i've felt like I could not go on. It is hard to keep working when you feel so sick.

Just try to do your best and hang in there. You do what you have to do. I have to work so that's just what I do. Rest when you can. Rest is very important.

You might also benefit from working. I think that it is good for me mentally to be able to get out and do something normal. It is good to be able to interact with others socially. It will also be a good way to measure your progress in treatment, based on how well you are tolerating work.

Don't be scared about herxing, some people have an extreme flare in their symptoms, some people don't. You will gradually get better so keep that in mind.
Posted by Toppers (Member # 20083) on :
Working full time here. It's impossible but you gotta keep pushing. No insurance = no antibiotics = only way out is through?
Posted by Aniek (Member # 5374) on :
I was working full time and going to law school at night for the first 4 years of my treatment.

I am currently working part-time, but that is because I moved, pushed myself too hard with travelling, and didn't have a doctor I clicked with. I'm back on track now that I moved back "home" and hope to go back full-time soon.
Posted by Elizabeth Erin (Member # 13866) on :
I work in the relocation industry...very busy in the summer. Very stressful and lack of understanding......
Posted by Wonko (Member # 18318) on :
I was working full time, but lowered to part time when I began treatment.

I work 24 hours/week at a mentally taxing/detail oriented desk job.

I work independently, not as part of a pipeline.

So if I'm slow or behind (which I am!) I only hurt myself.

I'm 7 months into treatment and not ready to resume full time, but dare I say it's on the horizon?
Posted by Elizabeth Erin (Member # 13866) on :
Posted by CherylSue (Member # 13077) on :
I'm and educator and returned to work last August after a 2 year disability leave. I started getting treatment the prior October.

It was hard. In January I took off two weeks to recoup after a virus. I didn't make suppers, clean house, and took a nap when I got home. I also took a 15 minute nap in my car during my lunch break. Vitamin B12 shots helped me through the school year.
It was rough, but I amazed myself and did it.

Posted by boxerluvr (Member # 21179) on :
hubby and I both are still f/t. I drive a tractor trailer and he is pipe fitter. Yes we are very careful as the jobs we hold have the potential to be very dangerous. I have already told him that truck will pull to the shoulder and sit until safe to move! And I promise to leave my GPS on!

I have been on oral treatment since Nov 08 and switched to iv 2 weeks ago...hubby just started oral treatment May this year.

Since I have to be up at 3am...I use to call and wake me's only 3.99 for 30 calls.

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