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Posted by Annie C (Member # 14) on :
Understanding all the ringing,ing,ing,ing... My left ear for the last 3-4 months, now has a loud heart beat! during bending over. Holding breath for inhalers and water hurts. Also included a gradual then suddenly noted hearing loss. Any takers for this one. I'm running out of parts. [bonk] [Eek!]

Thank you
Posted by feelfit (Member # 12770) on :
Posted by Leelee (Member # 19112) on :
I am sorry you have this problem. I don't know anything about it other than for years I have had the heart beat sensation in my left ear too. More recently both my ears have started ringing.

My hearing seems to be overly-sensitive, though. I hear everything and it is always too loud. It seems as if the volume on the radio, tv, everyday conversations, etc is just over the top too much.
Posted by radfaraf (Member # 11909) on :
Check the side effects on your meds, several antibiotics can cause ear ringing and hearing loss. I ringing and ear pain from only a few days of zithromax and it hasn't gone away from stopping:(.
Posted by TF (Member # 14183) on :
Yes, tell us your medication history in some detail and we'll see what we can come up with.
Posted by Annie C (Member # 14) on :
[bonk] Doing this can be some what entertaining. [Big Grin] An update regarding hearing heart beat in L ear. My appt. with the E.N.T. dx me with Sensorineural Hearing Loss, which is permanent. Causes are still sketchy, multi-reasons. Mine however is because of tumors ear\brain. Wooooo Hoooo. I'm having two kinds of MRI's on the 27th. So there could be more WOOOOOO HOOOOOO... No sense in whining about it. So the good news is they think I actually have a brain. Which I still question the existance of a brain. My sarcasm keeps me laughing. So far laughing is good medicine with no side affects or after taste. [woohoo] Sincerely Annie. And thank you for any and all input.

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