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Posted by BOEJR (Member # 1734) on :

Has anyone here used the salt C protocol for pediatrics? There is a nice lady on lyme aid that is seeking anyone who has tried it. I do not recommend it because the child weighs only 25 lbs and looses alot of fluid to drooling...

Let me know and I will forward the responses.

Kind Regards,

Posted by GiGi (Member # 259) on :
I would say - no, no, no. Recommend she read up on Austic children treatments and find a doctor who is doing this work with children.

Wishing all well.
Posted by BOEJR (Member # 1734) on :
Thanks GiGi,

I know that she is treating her with an autism protocol now that this was the initial Dx.


Posted by glm1111 (Member # 16556) on :
Totally agree with GiGi. Has this child been checked for parasites as well? I know babies drool, but if it is in excess, it can be a symptom of parasites. Has this baby been dx with Lyme?

Sending healing thoughts for this child,

Posted by BOEJR (Member # 1734) on :
Yes, the mom and daughter are both lyme positive,,
Posted by glm1111 (Member # 16556) on :
Google in search bar here...

worms in diaper

shows parasites in 5 month olds diaper...just to be aware of the possibility
Posted by BOEJR (Member # 1734) on :
Thanks folks,

I will forward the information and thoughts : )


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