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Posted by keltyl (Member # 14050) on :
These were both prescribed on my appoint last week. I will be taking the Factive everyday and not pulsing as I thought. I haven't started the Nuvigil yet since I hate starting more than one new med at a time.

I read up on both of them and it was very scary, especially the Factive. I gues if you read up on any of them, it is scary, but this just seems to be more so.

Just wondering if anyone has taken either one and if you had any benefits or side effects. The Nuvigil is like provigil, but a newer version I guess.

Thanks for any input.
Posted by Stacyb (Member # 13084) on :

The Factive was suggested to me too
for my next app't. I have not tried it yet but
it was suppose to be 5 days pulsed for me.
I am suppose to switch to it in Sept?

There should be others to come along
and comment on the Floroquin abx.
Posted by keltyl (Member # 14050) on :
Stacyb, I thought it wuld be pulsed too, but LD said they are finding it works better taking it everyday. I was a little shocked.

6 weeks ago, he had me take just 5 days, and hard to tell if it was that, but by the 4th day I felt preety good. Hard to tell right now since I've been sick with head and chest cold since last Fri. I thought the Factive may help. Today will be my 3rd day.
Posted by SuZ-Q (Member # 5903) on :
Nuvigil makes me very jittery. I couldn't even handle half a pill. My daughter does well with Provigil though.
Posted by keltyl (Member # 14050) on :
Did you take it first thing in the morning and did it give you any insomnia? I really don't know what the difference it and provigil is.
Posted by sammy (Member # 13952) on :
My doc had me pulsing Factive for awhile, 5days on 5days off. I felt terrible on the off days and gradually better on the Factive days. Last month he decided to let me stay on it every day. I felt so much better!

Unfortunately my insurance will not cover more than 5days at a time with a copay of $60, I cannot afford $180 for one month's supply. So i've switched to Avelox. It doesn't work quite as well as the Factive did for me. And it makes me nauseous all the time. Hoping that will go away soon. If not, I may have my doc try to run another prior auth for the Factive.

I have not tried Provigil or Nuvigil because my insurance will not cover them. [Frown]
Posted by keltyl (Member # 14050) on :
Sammy, I live in a rural area, and I know these small town pharmacies are much more expensive. For the 5 days it was $130 and they charged me a $30 copay, which would normally be $10.

My doc did not prior approve either of these but I told him my ins was NEVER going to go for it. To mine and my pharmacist dimay, it went right through, $730.85 with a $10 copay. Now next month they'll probably give me a hard time. Sometimes I think it depends on who you talk to at the time. Went the same way when I was on bicillin shots, one month not a problem, then the next it was.

My doc gave me a free month's supply coupon, as long as it was accompanied by a script, they were $299.95. At least I can see if they benefit me, and really not sure if the ins will pay. I couldn't afford them either.(that's for the Nuvigil)
Posted by sammy (Member # 13952) on :
Insurance is frustrating isn't it!

I was curious and decided to check out Nuvigil. It seems like the only difference between the two is that Nuvigil has a longer half life than Provigil. So it stays in your system longer.

It is basically second generation Provigil. The same company makes both. Sounds like they are wanting people to switch their RX's to Nuvigil before Provigil goes generic in 2015. Interesting.
Posted by keltyl (Member # 14050) on :
Yes, very interesting. Thanks for the info, hadn't gotten around to looking to see what the difference was. Wonder (probably is), if it's more expensive than provigil. I'll have to ask my pharmacist.

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