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Posted by seekhelp (Member # 15067) on :
Don't you just love the Lyrica commercial with the lady working at the bakery touting Lyrica? She says docs told her she has fibromyalgia (unknown overactive nerve issue).

Did that doc consider TBIs, other problems? These commercials are SO SO SO twisted and makes the public think it's a miracle for everyone. I know they help people at times. These pharmaceutcal companies sure make nice commercials.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
From what I've heard here about Lyrica, she woulnd't have the energy while on the med to be working in a bakery!!
Posted by pryorka (Member # 13649) on :
My aunt takes it.. She says "Thank God for this lyrica, it doesn't seem to do much but it's kept me from getting any worse" and I smack my face and just think... what the [email protected]^@??? She won't test for lyme though because her doctor tells her lyme doesn't exist but fibromyalgia does... yeah bacteria doesn't exist doc, but somehow magical crippling pain with no cause does exist... yeah these commercials can convince a lot of people.
Posted by Wonko (Member # 18318) on :
I was on Lyrica whilst undiagnosed.

I was in less pain while taking it, but I was so dizzy, I was walking into walls.

And so forgetful, I'd forget if I'd taken my pills within moments.

I was certainly in no shape to work in a bakery, and would not trust myself near an oven or any kitchen equipment!

Those ads also make me cringe.

I feel that it belittles the pain and plight of the situation. It makes it appear as though people with the symptoms of fibro could easily resume a normal life by taking that drug.

If only it were that easy.
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
I used to use Lyrica to help me sleep .... I do have fibromyalgia due to Lyme and it's toxins, but yeah, good for sleep.
Posted by pab (Member # 904) on :
My husband and son take Lyrica for pain and it works for them.
Posted by 2roads (Member # 4409) on :
Okay, so Lyrica doesn't resolve the problem (what was the problem again?), but is a happy pill...gotta remember that.

On a more optimistic note, I did see an advertisement for lyme disease in a Fibromyalgia magazine.
Posted by sutherngrl (Member # 16270) on :
I took Lyrica before and after Lyme diagnosis. Its almost like drinking alcohol all day. Of course it helps the pain. You just don't care as much.

I got tired of that feeling and finally got off the stuff. Now I just suffer through the pain; but I do sometimes think about taking it again.
Posted by sutherngrl (Member # 16270) on :
Pryorka said "yeah bacteria doesn't exist doc, but somehow magical crippling pain with no known cause does".

I'm lovin it! Wish I could have thought of that when my GP said "we don't have LD in Mississippi".
Posted by losferwrds (Member # 19741) on :
Chronic Lyme doesn't exist according to the IDSA, if someone gets relief from lyrica god bless em, everyone gives % of how they feel, do you honestly think your gonna get back to 100%, you have contracted essentially a venereal disease from a bug.

You can get close but you'll never be the same, the idsa isn't so far off about treating symptoms, ORAL ABX are not the cure.

I found out a co worker is lyme survivor, bell palsey,em rash, cdc positive, positive spinal tap, 5 months IV abx cured him in 1985

The problem is no one can justify the IV treatment unless they are extreme. The IDSA f'd us
Posted by Lymeorsomething (Member # 16359) on :
You have to wonder what the point of marketing is when they give you a laundry list of side effects right on the air...

Many of these drug commercials are similar and they are all a little bizarre...
Posted by Wonko (Member # 18318) on :
My post earlier on this thread was emotionally based.

Just to clarify, I'm supportive of and happy for anyone who has found relief through Lyrica.

I just resent how blithe the commercials are.

In addition to the current one with the bakery woman, there is another one showing a mature women enjoying tea at a little outdoor cafe.

To me, it seems the ads have an undertone that "types" the afflicted. But I know I could be too emotionally wrapped up in it!

Again, my best wishes to those benefiting from this med!
Posted by sutherngrl (Member # 16270) on :
I will clarify also. When I said of course it helps the pain.... I mean when you feel "drunk" then you just don't care as much. Lyrica did not rid me of only dulled it a little. It offered slight relief which at the time was better than nothing.

Is it amazing that they list all those awful side effects, yet doctors prescribe it like candy, and for long term; yet these same doctors are so concerned about the effects of long term antibiotic treatment.
Posted by kellyjk4 (Member # 19731) on :
I've been taking Lyrica for a long time now, since well before I was diagnosed.

My LLMD kept me on it.

At 75 mg/day, it doesn't work very well.

At 75mg/twice per day it really helps with my pain.

I definitely suffer much more when I don't take it.

I highly recommend lyme patients seek pain relief, even prescription pain relief.

We can't get better if we are beat down mentally by constant extreme pain.
Posted by sometimesdilly (Member # 9982) on :
75mg at night always gave me the best sleep-healing sleep-i've had since getting sick.

getting a llmd to prescribe it, not the drug itself, has been the problem i've seen.
Posted by hope4sofia (Member # 20577) on :
I took Gabapentin (Neurontin) for a long time before I was diagnosed. I was told I had fibro back then too. Lyrican and gabapentin work in similar way.

I have to say, initially, it made me groggy and dizzy, but that wore off after a while. It took about a month to build up enough to work but it was the best pain-management med I ever took. It works on nerve pain which seems to be my problem. It also seemed to stop the restless legs.

I DON"T like the commercials but the meds have their place. On Gabapentin, I took far less Ibuprofin, etc.

I don't take it any longer and a lot of my nerve pain and restless legs returned. But I haven't been as bad as I was back then.
Posted by njlymemom (Member # 15088) on :
lyrica did not help my pain

helped with sleep patterns

even on smallest dose i felt drugged the next day

so had to finally stop could not function felt drugged

lyrica has antiseizure properties, and did help my seizure like activity

so i need to look further into the seizure thing

just my experience

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