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Posted by jl123 (Member # 15594) on :
Thats my choice? Any thoughts on which way to go?
Bridge or root canal?

Also any1 know of a good holistic dentist in NYC?

thanks for the advice, Jeremy
Posted by GiGi (Member # 259) on :
My advice to anyone would be: Don't ever get a root canal. Period.

And don't get a bridge. The teeth that are prepared for the bridge, if your dental status is poor, will be stressed and for me that meant they also turned into root canals several years later.

I would only get an innocent partial and nothing else, if I had to do it over again.

My root canals eventually cost me most of my teeth. I had nothing but bridges, and when one tooth of the bridge goes, you need another bridge. Do a search on here and find my old posts on root canals. The toxin a root canal (dead tooth in the mouth) produces is the most toxic substance and when Dr. K. sees a breast cancer and a root canal, he has met the major culprit.

Think it over very carefully.

It depends a lot on your dental health and what you can tolerate.

Take care.

P.S. I no longer suffer from Lyme.
Posted by mojo (Member # 9309) on :
My Biological Dentist said root canals are not recommended procedures for Lyme Patients.

I did get a titanium implant a 9 months ago and I'm very very happy with it. If it were one of my back teeth and not noticable I would have just gone without it. (ie had the tooth pulled)
Posted by davidx (Member # 8326) on :
Which tooth number is it? An extraction is less epensve than a root canal but a root canal (and crown) saves the tooth.

I just had a root canal done in May on a back upper molar (#3). The procedure was relatively painless but it takes a little while to heal. I dont have a strong opinion either way but you should really discuss this with your dentist, though, to review all the pros and cons.

If you do decide on a root canal, dont be nervous about it. Most of the time they really do work out pretty well.

Good luck!
Posted by lymeparfait (Member # 14268) on :
My ND , just this week, suggested to me that my child, who was having wisdom teeth removed, to make sure whenever there is a tooth extration, to ask the Dentist to make sure to remove the periodental ligiament!

ND said most oral surgeons, will not aggree with this, as they say the ligiament gets reabsorbed into the jaw bone as the scar is formed.

ND says this is not the case, and the ligiament , which was originally a part of the tooth, not the jaw bone, is left in the space, and does not get reabsorbed, and is identified by our body as a dead thing...stuck in a cavatation.

This creates bacterial build up from the dead tissue and causes major problems as this bacteria spreads within in jaw bone over time.

Nd says most of her patients have problems with cavitations.

OF course, when I asked my child's surgeon about removing this periodental ligiament...he looked at me like I had ten heads...he said, I was following very "crazy" advice. That this is not true...and he said I insulted his intelligence with this info!

I wish I had an option of another surgeon...but had just let it happen. I am upset about I believe my ND!
Posted by lymeparfait (Member # 14268) on :
Also...root canals harbor bacteria in pockets as the tooth is actually dead! Create the same problem as the extractions with the ligiament still left behind.
Posted by GiGi (Member # 259) on :
There must be hundreds of posts of mine talking about this problem. I had a problem with teeth starting fairly young - probably poor nutrition and living through a stressful war - . I managed until a tick bite later in life when the invasion of bacteria set in. As a consequence, I lost four teeth in one day, and the rest went shortly thereafter.

I am very happy without root canals, without Lyme,
and most happy with my new teeth. It wasn't easy, so be very, very careful what you get into and whom you listen to when it comes to dentistry.
It is a very lucrative business for some dentists, but you will have to live with the consequences. Per Dr. K. it is a major factor in any chronic disease, but especially Lyme.

You may want to Google "Klinghardt dental component" and you will
find plenty of information to get a better picture of it all.

Take care.

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Posted by Faith6 (Member # 14072) on :
Several years ago I ended up having an implant done in a tooth that had an old root canal. It was infected and basically rotted. A year after it was pulled I had the implant done.

I sometimes have sensations in the jawbone.... not really pain, but uncomfortable. My dentist says what I'm feeling is a nerve.

I'm having second thoughts about the implant, but after spending thousands of dollars it's hard to consider getting it taken out.
Posted by mmbl (Member # 20642) on :
Some people have bad experiences with root canals. Though I have never had one, I can't give you personal experience, but my husband and father have each had more than one root canal and had absolutely no problems at all, not with pain or rotting or anything.

TIP: A tooth that has had a root canal can rot if not capped/crowned which can be very expensive if you don't have good insurance. We have great insurance and it still cost $200 for one tooth. An extraction will be much cheaper. It's really a personal decision.
Posted by BugBarb (Member # 210) on :
I have had several root canals. I was referred to a root canal specialist. I recommend that. None of my root canals hurt. The crowns/bridges were fine.

In addition I have had several implants. If you have to have a tooth pulled, an implant is the way to go, not a bridge.
An implant will cost about the same as two bridges and will last you the rest of your life, in most cases.

My implants are the best teeth in my mouth. They are my first molars and sturdy as bedrock.
Posted by Looking (Member # 13600) on :
I have a root canal with crown on my eye tooth and it has always bothered me, it is sensitive to pressure so I try not to bite on it.

I am sorry I had it done as the option was just to leave the gold half cap on my tooth that didn't bother me at all and my tooth was alive at that point. But for aesthetic reasons I had it done.

And for aesthetic reasons as well as "no money", I leave it there although my gut feeling is I need to have the tooth pulled now. I try to ignore the feeling that it is impacting my health but truthfully I feel it is.
Posted by pmerv (Member # 1504) on :
I have quite a few root canals and none of them cause me any problems.

The reason to do a root canal is when the nerve dies. If you don't do a root canal, mother nature will gradually get rid of the tooth and it will fall out.

I would rather keep my teeth as long as I can.
Posted by lymeparfait (Member # 14268) on :
I am positive now that my root canal and crowns along with the many murcury amalgams have caused my immune system to weaken and begin my chronic health problems.

When I go back mentally, over time, when I had each of these things done, I had health crisis within the next few weeks.(symptoms seemed unrelated to teeth) The teeth never bothered me...and were done by the best dentist and endodontists. But I can now see that my problems are connected.

I have removed all my amalgams, (had over 60 of them since very young) and for the first time since childhood, I can now think without brain fog. I did not know what clear thinking was until now. I am chelateing mercury metals and doing great now.

I have three root canals, due to too many bad amalgams fallng out...and I do not want to remove them, but had them energetically tested woth results saying my health would improve without them. Each has a pocket under them which bacteria has invaded...supposedly strep and staph are hanging out there! My immune system is working over time.

also have many crowns from weaned teeth from many murcury amalgams, where the tooth just cracked!

Found that my children test positive for mercury...they have no amalgams, but it is passsed in utero! I think we americans are in deep trouble with the dental care we receive.

I encourage everyone here to do a search about the effects of mercury amalgams and metal in our mouth. See what your intuition tells you!

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