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Posted by randibear (Member # 11290) on :
how do ya'll do this? i've read some are doing two or three protocols at once, i mean, humaworm, antibiotics, other stuff.

my friend is doing antibiotics, buhner, and now wants to do humaworm and collodial silver.

we talked about this. i was considering it, but said i'm just not up to it.

isn't it too much for your body to handle at one time? i know my liver starts to hurt when i do too much.

couldn't you make yourself much sicker?
Posted by sutherngrl (Member # 16270) on :
I definetly think you can do too much. I am more into low and slow treatment.

I improved slightly the first year of treatment this way and feel that I may be in the process of turning the corner on the last 6 weeks of low dose doxy treatment. I have been treating for 15 months so far.

I feel better on low dose doxy, than I have felt the entire rest of the time when I have treated with 2 antibiotics at a time or bigger doses of antibiotics.

We are all different!
Posted by LuLuFlorida (Member # 12066) on :
You can deffinatly overdue it! Most people dont relieze that supplements interact with each other and every medication you take, so taking too much of anything is never a good idea. Even the components of a multivitamin are proven to lower your immune system because of the interactions.

I know strong antibitocs work for some people but I end up in the ER so I have to go very slow. I even detoxify slowly or cannot at all because I get so sick. Everybody is defferent though and some people with this disease must take many things that interact to get better.

Just my opinion,
Posted by janis1023 (Member # 15942) on :
My dear friend who is a nurse (now on disability

with Lyme) warns me all the time about over

taxing my kidneys. All this stuff has to be

processed and is quite taxing on an already

overburdened system.

By the same token some things won't work as well

without another, best example is B6, without

which many orals will just pass right on out

with no effect. This is trickey, huh.

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