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Posted by randibear (Member # 11290) on :
since the fall, my poor butt is so sore i can't sit. i mean even driving around hurts.

i checked the symptom checker on the web and found fractured coccyx and it seems to fit.

i really don't think anything is broken but, oh, the pain.

anybody know anything about a damaged tailbone? apparently you just have to tough it out.

ugh...rv's can be dangerous.
Posted by TerryK (Member # 8552) on :
I mentioned a similar situation in your previous post about your fall. When I called my Doctor's office they said they were pretty sure it was broken and there was nothing they could do except x-ray it but even if it was broken there was no treatment available for it. They said I would just have to live with it.

It was extremely painful. I could hardly sit for several weeks until I got it fixed by a chiropractor. It took seconds for it to be put back into place. I got major relief immediately.

It had become inflammed because I let it go so long before I had it put back in place so it took time for the inflammation to go down.

It's possible yours is broken. The only way to know is to get an x-ray or see a chiropractor and see if they can help you with it.

Keeping my fingers crossed that it's not broken and can be easily fixed.

Posted by randibear (Member # 11290) on :
rats, i was hoping to not have to go to the doctor and listen to his damn nurse saying "oh you again. you sure are in here alot" and then she laughs.....

but if this pain keeps up, yeah, an x-ray is in order.

mike is wanting to take another trip and then a very long one for 3 weeks in september and october. don't think so....
Posted by sutherngrl (Member # 16270) on :
I broke my tailbone when I was 19. I was in pain for several years. Then when I was giving birth to my first child, there was a loud pop. It was my tailbone going back in place. It healed and never hurt again.

Don't see why they couldn't put it back in place, but it might depend on the nature of the break.

If it hasn't moved out of place, seems it would just eventually heal.
Posted by Silverwolf (Member # 9196) on :
Hey <<<<< Randibear HeartSister >>>>>,

Maybe we need to form the Tender Tuchus society,
can't get comfortable no matter what I do!!!

Still waiting on the darn check which hasn't come in as they said it no Dr. appt. yet...

Can you sit on a pillow?,I am trying to stay 'cushioned',but it is not helping me lose the headache from head to toe...

Guess our bodies don't like to bounce down stairs, be they RV steps or wooden porch steps.

You are in my prayers for quick healing and I do hope neither of us are fractured anywhere!!!

Please let us know what you find out...dear friend!

Jus'Silveerwolfi who doesn't bounce very well
Posted by sammy (Member # 13952) on :
I broke my tailbone when I was seven. Was roller skating on a friends uneven asphalt driveway. I do remember it hurting for quite a while.

Had x-rays done last year at my chiropractors office and it was funny to see on film, my coccyx bone points inward towards my belly (horizontal) instead of downwards.
Posted by Parisa (Member # 10526) on :
I broke my tailbone years ago. The orthopedist told me there was nothing he could do but recommended I buy a cushioned ring to sit on and to take small steps when I walked. It took quite a while to recover from. I did alot of standing for a while.
Posted by mmbl (Member # 20642) on :
I've done the same exact thing falling on wooden steps. Hurt for months. It sucks because there really is no treatment at all. My Aunt also broke her tailbone and she was so angry because her husband is a doctor and he couldn't help her. Unfortunately, nothing can be done. But it will heal, I promise. Just sucks in the meantime.

TIP: Get a donut pillow!! You'll be so glad you did! Sitting flat on your butt is the worst. Cushion yourself well at home, at work and in the car.
Posted by hshbmom (Member # 9478) on :
randibear, I second the recommendation to see a chiropractor. They can likely put it back in place and help eliminate much of your pain.

sammy, was the chiro able to help you?

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