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Posted by richedie (Member # 14689) on :
Hi all.

Has anyone had good luck with Bee Venom? I saw a special where a woman actually used live bees to sting herself to calm her MS symptoms and I know people on this board have used it for pain.

Can anyone chime in and give some experience and where is the most potent venom purchased? I am willing to try some.

I am not certain the mechanism behind the terrible pain in my arms, shoulders, wrists and hands but I am guessing it is an auto immune response or general immune response to the bacteria, etc.

Posted by Leelee (Member # 19112) on :
I have some "unofficial" experience with bee venom and Lyme.

A few years ago I stepped on a bee's nest while walking my dog. I got stung all over my body and had over 30 stings. Fortunately I am not allergic to bees but after the pain of the stings subsided (a couple of days) I was left with what can only be described as pain in my blood throughout my body.

This lasted for a couple of weeks. I had no idea what was going on but suspected it was related to the stinging episode.

Later, after being diagnosed with Lyme, I suspected that somehow the bee venom had interacted with the Lyme bacteria and really stirred things up.

I know this doesn't really address your question, but thought I would share just in case it helps.
Posted by richedie (Member # 14689) on :

I read that bee venom can suppress the Borrelia infection and even kill the bacteria.

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