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Posted by dian (Member # 14335) on :
My new lyme doctor just put me on 400 mg of doxy along with plaquinal and rifampin. She says rifampin decreases doxy so she increased it to this amount. I have been on it four days and have noticed bad sunburns in the car, etc. Is this safe to be on this right now or should I go off. I cannot get her until end of month, on vacation. Also put me on rifampin with plaquinal.
Can I take just the rifampin and plaq. until I talk to her. I thought you could not take tetra, doxy, etc., in the summer months. Please help.
Posted by mv (Member # 21888) on :
I don't know if it was in the pharmacy pamphlet or if I read it on the manufacture's website, but it does state to avoid prolong exposure to both natural and artificial sunlight. When my sister was on something similar years ago, her doctor suggested sunscreen everyday, hat, perhaps light long sleeves when out. Basically, cover up and stay in the shade. If you google doxy you can get some very detailed info. on it that is extremely helpful.
Posted by Maryland Mom (Member # 2043) on :
Sunscreen is not adequate protection from the sun when you are on doxy. You need to avoid sun exposure, period.

I know it's not easy during the summer (I'm currently back on doxy myself), but you must take care to avoid the sun. It probably won't rank up there with the most fun things you've ever done, but it is possible.

Avoid outside activities during the middle of the day, when the sun is the strongest, and when sun exposure is necessary, wear clothes that provide as much coverage as possible (light colors and breathable fabrics are obviously the most comfortable).

You mention getting sunburned in the car, which I can relate to, because I once got bad burns on my hands while driving my kids from Maryland to Ct to see Dr. Jones while on doxy. It was painful in a way that does not compare to normal sun burns...the pain was unrelenting!

Doxy and the sun just don't mix, period.
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
here's a slug of info on doxy, NOIR SUNGLASSES which i would not be without then or NOW!!

doxy is helping to kill the spirochete in your body; do NOT stop; JUST COVER UP WELL and use advise you will find below ok [Smile] hugs/kisses



EYE SENSITIVITIES & NOIR, no infrared sunglasses info., 2-28-06 updated YES, I have what you have! Are you on doxy too? That made my extreme eyes 200% MORE sensitive than they we were earlier. I learned a lot about eye sensitivity/lighting on board. detailed!

I ordered the NOIR sunglasses.

You will need 2% amber and 10% amber ... Style no. 901 and 910.

mention you have lyme and marshall protocol, they will give you 10% off! I'm NOT on MProtocol, but mention it anyway. I was on their new board almost 12 months!

Also they have been kind enough to replace the SCRATCHED LENSES & BROKEN BOWS! How's that for service? I'VE NOT had to return broken/scratched lenses!!

In fact, I have a terrible time where they drop to the floor, and 1 of bows will break off the connecting PLASTIC piece connecting to the lense itself. They just take the info over the phone from YOUR STATE'S REP!

I don't drive often at night, but I can wear NOIR's 901 lenses at night while driving; it creates soft candle lights coming at me...tolerable. NOT to wear in town with all the action of people crossing where they shouldn't be.

Driving daylight hours, be sure to wear DRIVING GLOVES and a LONG SLEEVE SHIRT/JACKET so you will NOT SUNBURN ! I got burnt bad on my 1st out of state trip to new LLMD in Minn.

I wear my darkest tinted RX sunglasses always with my NOIR wraparounds over them, and my floppy straw hat too; shields my face/side views

NOTE: Wearing sunglasses that BLOCK ULTRA VIOLET LIGHT, help to prevent CATARACTS.


Eye Floaters and Spots 9-07

EVE PROBLEMS ...NOT ABLE TO SEE; Tincup, 7.20.09
I had inflammation and eye problems from Lyme... from which I was declared to be legally blind due to the damage caused. May I suggest?

Rather than waiting to do steroids for the inflammation from uveitis, etc... and ONLY because you can't find anyone right now...

This is what I did which worked VERY well for me... recommended by one of my docs.

Vitamin C

Wobenzyme- 3 per day

Querectin- as directed on bottle- max dose

Bromelain- as directed on bottle- max dose

Vitamin E- max dose recommended on bottle.
I know.. that sounds too simple.. but it has wordked for me and others.

These supplements have anti-inflammatory properties and I was actually found to do better on them than the steroid drops they prescribed .. [doc thought I was doing the eye steroid drops when rechecking me several times].

My eyes cleared up faster than they would have on the steroid drops. I think I took this combo for about 6 weeks.

If I feel problems coming on... I start the protocol again.
I MUST say you need to check with a doctor before doing anything I am posting about... as I am NOT a doctor.
Hope this helps. tincup

There is also something that is called "Scheerer's phenomenon" or "blue field entoptic phenomenon".
This is basically the ability to see white blood cells traveling through in the squiggly capillaries of your retinas... especially when looking at a blue light. (like the sky)
When a leukocyte travels through.. it makes a wiggling motion. The link below is v\ery interesting and even has an impression of this phenomenon. "Scheerer's phenomenon"
How lyme impacts the eyes - legit sources from Marnie, 2-22-09
Originally posted by Rebekah 6.7.09
Hi. Newbie here.
I'm a very sick eye doc with Lyme, bartonella, and borelliosis.

Eye pressure up to 29 may be normal. Not a very good test for glaucoma.
Better to look for dammage to optic nerve (visual nerve) with dilated exam.
When in doubt, a threshold visual field test (painless but boring) can be done to detect early glaucoma.

Other reliable tests that can help pick up glaucoma include corneal pachymetry and gonioscopy.

I agree that optic neuritis is a much greater concern with Lyme than glaucoma, but of course the possibility of glaucoma still exists in everyone.

If you're quite concerned about glaucoma, easiest way to rule it out would be the visual field route. Maybe ask a glaucoma specialist for a second opinion.

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