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Posted by dian (Member # 14335) on :
My new dr put me on this.

Is anyone else on this and by which dr?

Do you think it helps?

Posted by Abxnomore (Member # 18936) on :
I have never used this product but have heard from my nutritionist that it is an excellent product.
Posted by ninjaphire (Member # 18234) on :
I used to take Diamond V XPC (which is similar to Epicor, but cheaper) for a while. Not by a doctor.

I think it helped me a lot.

Just keep an eye out for the potential side effect of a fungal infection.
Posted by Jill E. (Member # 9121) on :
My father is on it as an immune booster, made by Bronson.

Why would it cause a fungal infection?

Posted by ninjaphire (Member # 18234) on :
Jill, As a matter of fact, my father is on it too.
My dad has been ill, but this stuff is amazing. He's gone from staying home all day to planning trips out of town ... (he's retired)

However I've heard of about 3 cases of it being connected to fungal infection. I've experienced a fungal infection but I didn't connect the two.

Epicor is a yeast extract, pretty much. It might change immune response in unpredictable ways ...
Posted by brf (Member # 8748) on :
For those using Epicor, are you just taking 1 pill a day or are you taking more?


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