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Posted by mv (Member # 21888) on :
I knew a side affect was a sensitivity to the sun. Both my boys had two football games today so I wore light pants, sneakers, hat, stood in the shade, used an umbrella, and put on sunscreen. By time we left I felt like my face and hands were on fire, and my hands had this very uncomfortable/painful prickly sensation. A cold shower actually made the sensation worse so I just took a nap. When I woke up I was fine, but now whenever I put my hands in water it starts again and shoots up both arms. Weird!!! Anyone else experience this? Is it normal? Does it go away eventually?.
Posted by Aimee (Member # 20946) on :
I have the same reaction to being outside, even covered up and lathered up! Bathing/showering - even putting my hands in the sink to wash them made the burning sensation worse too. I am very sun-sensitive on Doxy.

Be careful even during "normal" days when you don't plan on being outside for any length of time - just driving in the car with my hands on the steering wheel and the sun shining on them can cause me problems.

The good news is, at least in my case, the sensitivity goes away after a day or so as long as you don't re-expose yourself.

It has been a long miserable 5 weeks here - my boys have not been happy about having a mom who has to stay inside half the summer!

Welcome - I'm pretty new here too and have learned alot. Are you newly diagnosed and treated or have you been fighting Lyme for a while?

Posted by mv (Member # 21888) on :
Thanks Aimee I at least feel better knowing it's a reaction others have had too.

We tested my youngest for three years knowing something was wrong, but not "what" it was. The doctors were so perplexed because he was obviously going down hill fast and they couldn't stop it.

In March of this year our rheum. thought to test for Lyme. We don't have Lyme in Texas [Smile] , and combined with his young age of three we couldn't find anyone remotely close to treat him. So off to Arizona we went. While there they tested me. All the symptoms that my docs. kept writing off to just stress and getting older (at the ripe old age of 33 [Smile] ) were actually Lyme.

We're now having my oldest son and husband tested too.
Posted by Aimee (Member # 20946) on :
Wow - we are in the same boat - but reversed!

I tested positive in June and saw my son's health issues in light of Lyme and knew that was his problem. He came up positive just recently. We just had my husband and other three boys tested last week. It sure would explain alot with all of them too.

We are lucky that we are here on the east coast - we only have a 5 hour drive to our LLMD. But where we live in VA they say there isn't Lyme too!

It took a while for my gp to take me seriously - I had so many unexplained issues that were completely unrelated. I'm a ripe old 37 and was previously very healthy - so he knew there was something going on - he just couldn't wrap his mind around the Lyme possibility - but I pushed.

I wonder about how long I've had it and whether I passed it on to my boys. That thought makes me sick though, so I generally try not to dwell on that!

Texas in the summer with Doxy is going to be rough! I'll be praying for you! We've gotten very creative with fun indoor activities here!

Posted by groovy2 (Member # 6304) on :
hi All

the reaction you are having is called
Photo Toxic reaction --Google it--

Any type of Citrus or cranberries will make the
Photo Toxic reaction MUCH worse--
Even TINY amounts of citrus (lemon in your tea )
can make this reaction happen--

If you have been eating citrus --
depending on the amount-- it can take a month or so for the reaction to stop --

Regular sun screen will not help --

-- Blue Lizard brand from Australia blocks
3 spectrum's of light and is supposed to work
I have not used it so I can not vouch for it-
I found out about it to late to help me--

Take the Photo Toxic reaction seriously because
the skin damage is perminate --Jay--
Posted by WildCondor (Member # 434) on :
You have to stay totally OUT of the sun when you are on Doxy! It can burn you very fast and through clothing! Use the highest spf you can find and stay out of the sun, wear gloves when driving! Ask for a different med until the colder weather comes if its really bothersome. The prickly hands is totally from the Doxy, and yeah it goes away in a few days. Stay inside!
Posted by coltman (Member # 21272) on :
Hmm strangely enough I dont get burnt .- on 600 mg doxy a day atm . And I drink lots of orange juice, vitamin c and take 400 mg GSE .
- I am not really sunbathing, but get about 20-40 minutes outside under the sun - while walking to train station ,which is 2 miles away.

Wonder if it some sort of allergic reaction ppl get.
Posted by sutherngrl (Member # 16270) on :
I stayed in the direct sun for 10 mintues(I'm on doxy) with no sunscreen on and nothing happened. Of course I was afraid to stay longer than that. But at least I know I can go outside briefly without the fear of that awful burn. But I wonder why some have it and some don't???
Posted by mv (Member # 21888) on :
Thanks all for the tips. I didn't know about the citrus. I haven't had orange juice in months, but had a craving for it yesterday. Go figure!!

I had been out covered, and lathered for a couple hours and not had a reaction, but yesterday was 6 hours because of the games. I was also standing on concrete which I read last night actually reflects the sun. So all in all I didn't do myself any favors even though I took lots of precautions. I'm not going anywhere this week to recuperate, and then hopefully little bits like driving will be okay again.

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