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Posted by maps (Member # 19758) on :
Sorry do not know how to link to previous post so here it is.

Have been having trouble with eye inflamation. Now on prednisone, 1 drop each hour plus isopto homatropine three times a day and mexidex before bed.

I was told today that they could find no reason for the inflamation and that I should suspect lyme.

I see my llmd next wednesday but would appreciate hearing from anyone on how this would be treated.

Have to admit I am feeling shocked and a little scared.

Thanks for your help.



if this is caused by antibiotics how long after stopping antibiotics should I see an improvement.

I stopped antibiotics on Thursday and my eye feels worse.

Thank you to anyone taking the time to reply.


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Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
Sorry maps.

Can you post a link to the other post you started on this topic so others can see it?

Also.. not sure what you are asking differently now than you already asked and that was answered?

Please let us know. OK?

[Big Grin]
Posted by Abxnomore (Member # 18936) on :
ABX should help bring down eye inflammation if it is a high enough dose to pass the BBB, but have you seen an eye doctor? I think you should, if you have not.

Don't play around with your eyes. It's probably coming from the Lyme and the eye doctor may be clueless but please have them checked.

Also, please cross reference your previous post as suggested by posting the link on this post so that we can better help you.

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