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Posted by sariejack (Member # 21958) on :
I tried posting about this yesterday but got no


I have been treated Cat's Claw, Artemisnin,

Microhydrin, and Inf-Zyme for two months.

Past two days have had extreme dizziness and

vertigo and heavy spotting. In fact, let's just

say I got my period early. 2 pregnancy tests

were negative.

My dr is out of town and apparently out of reach

until Tuesday. Went to ER last night and was

treated for vertigo and dehydration. ER dr was

not familiar with my supplements and told me to

just keep on. My BP was high, but apparently not

enough to keep me--avg 140/100.

Today I feel the same and I am wondering what to

do. Is this just a herx or what? I am home alone

with my 3 year old and scared. Please respond.

Posted by polar blast (Member # 9142) on :
stop the art and dont start it again...
Posted by VB (Member # 16824) on :
how much are you taking?
Posted by sariejack (Member # 21958) on :
I am taking 400 mg of Art daily, 2 tabs twice a

day on an empty stomach.
Posted by VB (Member # 16824) on :
that is a lot to start out with. Do a title search for "artemisinin herx" or "art herx" on this board and you will find that a lot of people have trouble with this and have to start out with very small doses & work up.

I can't see how it would hurt you to stop for a few days until you speak with your doctor. Then talk to him about how to start back up gradually.

Also note that cat's claw can cause herxing in people as well.

Also, my experience with herxes is that when they're bad it can take even up to 2 weeks or so after stopping a medication to clear the toxins out of your body, so don't be alarmed if you don't feel better immediately after stopping.

And make sure to do things to detoxify your body. Do a title search for "detox" and you will find all kinds of things that may help. Lots of people say lemon water (or some other lemon concoction).

I find that whey protein shakes seem to help me, as well as eating LOTS of fiber (I'll sometimes eat a can of beans for both lunch and dinner... this may cause you other problems though if you're not used to it), drinking lots of water, and sweating a lot.

Although mostly it's just time that gets me through a bad herx, unfortunately.

And make sure you drink enough. You can't let yourself get dehydrated with this illness.

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