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Posted by Lymegirl82 (Member # 21864) on :
I have had this disease for god knows how long and was finally diagnosed this year.

What I would like to know is are there certain foods that I should stay away from?

Are there foods that can help me with my symptoms.

Extreme exhaustion, mucles aches and pains, sever migraines and the weird tingly feeling in my hands and toes.

I also have very poor concentration and memory.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. This site has been my lifeline!
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
You should look into a healthy, clean diet of whole foods (unprocessed). Veggies, fruits, meats (organic if you can), eggs, etc

Also really good for you are fermented foods. I've just discovered this .... I always thought sauerkraut was gross, but unpastuerized sauerkraut is very good! I've been making my own, but health food groceries carry it in the refrigerated section.

Also good is kefir. I've made my own from a started I bought from Dr. Mercola's site, but someone is sending me real kefir grains so I can make my own from that.

Kombucha is a fermented tea .... first time you drink it it's vile stuff, but it grows on you. Truly it does! My husband and eldest daughter really like it now.

Eating the fermented foods have really helped me with my digestive issues. It also repopulates your gut with healthy bacteria to keep out the yeast/bad bacteria.

Coconut oil is also very good for you. It has caprylic acid which kills yeast. It's a healthy oil.

Avoid sugar and processed foods .... also alcohol.

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