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Posted by Aimee (Member # 20946) on :
Wondering what you take to help flush out the toxins from die off. I think I remember reading somewhere there was something you took to bind them and then flush them out. What is it?

I feel to bad right now to search or read anymore today and would like to send the husband out to get something asap. in hopes of speeding along this nasty herx.

Thanks Aimee
Posted by Aimee (Member # 20946) on :
Forgot to add - something that I can use while on abx please...don't want to bind them up and flush them out!
Posted by Peedie (Member # 15355) on :
Hi Aimee - I don't know about "binders" for toxins - but the "Detox Cocktail" will flush them out of your system:
If your doctor says this is okay:


1) a heaping teaspoon of Vitamin C Powder (pure ascorbic acid powder)

2) 300-600 milligrams of Lipoic Acid (aka thioctic acid)

3) 400-800 mg of glutathione (avoid the ones made from potatoe-night shade family if you are sensitive) vegitable Polysaccharide types are easiest to digest.

Break open capsules and dump Lipoic Acid and glutathione with the vit.C in your 16 oz. water bottle (I like cold water best) and shake up. Drink it down. Drink plenty of water during the day.

Try this for a week - then add
4) glycine 500 mg. to rid you of sweet cravings.
you can increase this to 2-500 mg. caps.

This will get your body in shape to strengthen your immune system and rid yourself of toxins.

This is from the book : Detoxify or Die
They say you will feel better a half hour after drinking it. I felt better on the second day.

You can have this "cocktail" 1-2 times a day.
It doesn't taste all that bad either.
Posted by MayberryNut (Member # 16589) on :
I use chlorella and Welchol pills. I take these to help remove neurotoxins, but I still have the vibrations symptom regardless. I don't suppose this is a big recommendation, is it?
Posted by greenbow (Member # 21463) on :
thanks for this info peedie!
Posted by viva (Member # 8183) on :

The following have been helpful for my husband:

Chlorella at night, and 1 tsp of Argiletz clay mixed with water first thing in the morning. I know timing is an issue, since as you say, you don't want to bind/flush your other meds.

FIR sauna has also been really helpful for him, and that won't interfere with any meds.As they say, your skin is your biggest detox organ.

Good luck!
Posted by Aimee (Member # 20946) on :
Thanks for the info guys, I really appreciate it. I think I am just having a really hard time flushing all this garbage from my body. Seems I now have some good things to try!

Did you notice an improvement in how you were feeling quickly or did it take a while?

Did you use this stuff all the time or just when herxing?

Are the sauna's expensive? I'm guessing so but thought I'd ask.

Posted by viva (Member # 8183) on :

Thanks to tips from Lymenet, we got a portable tent-type sauna from National Pool Wholesalers. It probably paid for itself after about 6 times of using it. I'm sure that the wood models are much, much better but this is what we could afford and had space for. It's been the very best way for my husband to detox. He was skeptical, and is no fan of high heat, but now even he is sold on the benefits.

Another easy detoxer I forgot to mention is the venerable lemon juice and olive oil drink. There are variations in proportions of ingredients, but I make it for my husband using:

1/2 lemon, preferably organic, diced (including the peel)

1 cup water
1 tablespoon olive oil
stevia to taste.

Blend the lemon and water in a blender. Strain out solids (pressing through strainer to extract as much as possible). Put the resulting liquid back in the blender, add olive oil and stevia, and blend. Serve over ice.


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