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Posted by Beautiful Disaster (Member # 21882) on :
I'm an idiot at most things pertaining to things on here. Self admitted idiot! My question is I know my doctor ran a MILLION tests on me on my blood work. 10 viles of blood, 6 pages of results.

We talked about my thyroid because that's when we found out I had Hashimoto's, but he didn't mention adrenals. I'm confused about adrenals anyway! I asked my mom where the adrenals were the other day and she looked at me like "OMG, did you go INSIDE the school building every day when I dropped you off?" [lol]

But my question is? What is the name of the test for testing the adrenals? What do the adrenals produce? Hormones? I thought thyroids did that? I thought the thyroid did all of these things but then there are adrenals and I don't know the difference really. [bonk]

So, when I pull out my paper work of lab results that I just had done, what should I look for to see if he tested my adrenals? What words should I look for, etc? What kind of test would it be called? I'm sure he tested them considering my symptoms.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! [bow]
Posted by klutzo (Member # 5701) on :
The adrenals produce epinephrine aka adrenaline, and cortisol.

The conventional tests are a 24 hr. urine cortisol and an 8:30 am blood cortisol. There is also an ACTH challenge test and maybe more that I've forgotten right now.

The (much better) unconventional test is the ASI (adrenal salivary index).

If your adrenals are weak, and chronic infection will do that, thyroid hormone in your blood may be normal but will not get delivered to the tissues, so you may still have sx of low thyroid.

Google Adrenal fatigue, look up Dr. Wilson's book on adrenal fatigue, and go to and take his Metabolic Scorecard, to see whether your issues are thyroid, adrenal, or both.

Posted by cactus (Member # 7347) on :
Excellent info from klutzo.

Anecdotal only: I have met several people who have both Hashimoto's and adrenal issues. Not sure if there is a confirmed connection, but worth looking into it.

Good luck.
Posted by seekhelp (Member # 15067) on :
Klutzo has it right - those are the main tests. Adenals are on top of your kidneys. [Smile]
Posted by laceyj (Member # 13862) on :
i think saliva adrenal tests are done by diagnos techs
they do hormones also

there are also neurotransmitter tests that can support adrenals

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