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Posted by jsjag (Member # 22376) on :
Ok, I just looked at the pictures of the bulls eye on this site and I saw one I once had. Was it this year, last year, years ago. I get a lot of ticks but less then normal this year. The one I had was the one on the upper thigh. I remember it because it was round and pink. I thought the bulls eye was always a big ugly nasty looking thing.

Now I have arthritis like pains, fatigue. Last week I was driving to my mechanic, one I have used for 13 years. On the way, all of the sudden I wasn't sure of how to get there. I let it slide and it did come to me. I credited it to age.

Also when I am writing, sometimes I can't think of the word I want to use and credit it to age.

If I have had Lyme's for a long time, is it too late to recover. I have no Lymes doctor and will need to rely on a traditional MD. I am trying to find a lymes Dr on the web links.

For over 40 years I've played guitar and it scares me the most that I may lose the ability to play. Fingers are hurting but I am not going to allow them to get stiff. I am fairly good at jazz and the many various jazz type of chords.

This entire mess is putting me into a state of anxiety.

Two months ago I was playing (I'm almost 57) two hours of hard singles tennis with people in their early forties. I was doing forty minutes on the treadmill, I was doing Zumba, I was digging in the yard.

Now all that I feel like doing laying on the couch. A feeling of wanting to have it all over with is strong and very unusual to me.

I've gone on this Lyme hunt before and told it is in my head.
Posted by DaveNJ (Member # 17362) on :

no it is not too need to find an LLMD under seeking a doctor. Take that anxiety and channel it into plan of action...

if i listed to the doctor i would be out of work and in a mental ward. you know yourself better than the doctors.

Posted by Pinelady (Member # 18524) on :
No Its not too late. Lord knows my hands hurt so

bad. I do not see how you can play guitar or

tennis. I started treatment in April after

finding out in Jan. by Igenex. I was almost in

a wheelchair. Diagnosed for over 2 years with a

little of everything and finally depression. Find a

LLMD to treat.
Posted by TF (Member # 14183) on :
js, I had undiagnosed lyme disease for 10 years, and I recovered. It has been over 4 years now since I completed my treatment and I am still symptom-free, enjoying my life--the same life I had before lyme disease.

I also have 2 friends who had lyme for years and years undiagnosed and diagnosed as fibromyalgia. So, I am not the only person who had this disease for years and got rid of it.

You will definitely not get rid of it going to a regular doctor. It is very difficult to treat and requires an expert--someone with many years of experience treating chronic cases.

Regular doctors always tell lymies that it is all in their head. So, when you are treated that way, you know for sure your diagnosis is lyme disease.

This happens because regular doctors have no idea what long-term lyme disease can do to a person. Also, they think the lyme tests are accurate. But, the tests are far from accurate.

So, you must post in Seeking a Doctor section of LymeNet and tell the states you are willing to travel to. You'll get a list of names of doctors for each state.

Do something to get your life back. It is worth fighting for.
Posted by purplemom (Member # 21064) on :
maybe you can find a LLMD that takes insurance, some do
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Go to Seeking a Doctor and someone will help you find an LLMD. Nothing less will do. The other drs won't treat you.

I had undiagnosed Lyme for 42 yrs when I was dxd. I was treated for 4 yrs and have now been off abx for nearly 5 yrs.

I'm doing well and it's a total of 51 yrs with Lyme. There is hope!!!
Posted by Wimenin (Member # 15294) on :
I'll echo that its best to see a LLMD to determine if its lyme, or something else thats bothering you. Most MDs will say its not lyme related at this point and will likely test you with elisa a/b and when it comes back negative will say its all anxiety.

Im not saying you do or dont have lyme, but its best to see someone who treats lots of patients in order to get a professional opinion vs someone who relies on CDC/HMO/inaccurate serological testing to make the determination.

Some of your symptoms do sound like lyme...but...they can also be other things such as arthritis, old age, depression, hormonal changes, etc.. and therein lies the rub. Lyme can mimic all sorts of disorders.

But seek out a professional to find out for sure, and if money is an issue, then use the hmo drs to rule out the other ailments first. And..if possible, see if the hmo dr will at least prescribe some antibiotics just in case in order to get you started on the fight till you see a LLMD.
Posted by coltman (Member # 21272) on :
Sounds like lyme, there are crapload of LLMDS in PA though ,so seems you should be fine with finding one. Run a lyme western blot (igenex preferably) and see if it is positive

If it is start researching the crap out it, while waiting appointment with LLMD so you can have some idea about it. It incredibly muddy and complicated issue, so it might make some time ( I am still not sure in most anything about it lol)

And yeah - if you didn't figure it out yet , most docs are completely useless for most anything but symptom treating, so dont put too much stock in what their saying unless they can base it on solid logic a factual basis (e.g. "I haven't heard of it" and "its not in xxx guidelines" doesnt cut it)

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