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Posted by lymetwister (Member # 19590) on :
I had to stop probiotics when I went into the hospital, but was discharged with Mycelex Losanges which are antifungal and used to treat Candida as it's all over my tongue and god knows where else.

I've been sucking on 5 losanges per day and my tongue is still coated.

I woke up this morning with some of my usual symptoms, but I was and have been freezing cold and it's nice outside. Anxiety is unusually high and just aching all over. I gagged a few times over the toilet from terrible nausea.

I'm drained as can be, much more than usual. It seems like whatever I take now, just makes me sicker all around.

How I got this, I have no idea since I havn't been on abx. Things are easing up a little now, but I have felt like death all morning, just groaning from the discomfort.

Kids off to the Zoo with my wife. I am so tired of feeling sick and not being able to do things with my family.

Posted by glm1111 (Member # 16556) on :
Didn't you just do some IV rocephin for a couple of days? Did you forget? That could of easily set it off especially if you already had it brewing.

Remember you had a herx from the coconut oil? I know sometimes I forget things. Maybe some coconut oil will help? Hope you feel better,

Posted by twingirl (Member # 13172) on :
candida can definatly have a die off reaction. I got a huge die off when I started diflucan and again when I started nystatin.
Posted by losferwrds (Member # 19741) on :
You have a rife machine, why not do the detox frequency exclusively, is it 10000, it would be a good indicator if rife is for real.

I wouldn't do the candida frequency cause if Rife does work you be double wammying yourself cause you are on meds.

I would be curious see if it helps, cause the detox frequency shouldn't cause a herx right??
Posted by lymetwister (Member # 19590) on :
I have herxed from 10,000 personally as have others.

No Rifing till I get past another IVIG half life, and then I have to re-evaluate how I feel, even still.

I'm trapped in a box right now and wish I could turn back the clock and get this IVIG out of me.

If I'm better in the end, it was worth every bit of it, if not, I am lost as to what to do next.

No question there is an immune response from the IVIG. whether it is favorable is yet to be seen.

In 10 days, I will be at the 2nd half life. I would expect things to calm down very soon if they are going to.

Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
It's EASY to get yeast...esp after being on long term abx ( even from months prior ).

I've been off abx for 5 yrs and still battle yeast.

I hate to be the one to tell you, but Mycelex lozenges contain sugar. Yep.

Can you get hold of some Diflucan?
Posted by opus2828 (Member # 15407) on :
When I first took Nystatin it threw me into a herx that took a week to come out of. I had to restart little by little and now can take it okay.
Posted by pab (Member # 904) on :
Mycelex didn't work for me.
Posted by trigal2 (Member # 20578) on :
I say yes too..sometimes I cannot tell what is a lyme die off from abx and what is a candidas die off.

Everynow and then I take a product called Candigone when I really want to get agressive but have had very good results with just Oil of Oregano and Olive Leaf Extract combined with pro.'s.

Does anyone know HOW to tell the difference between lyme die off and candidas die off?
Posted by IckyTicky (Member # 21466) on :
You don't have to be on abx to get systemic yeast.
I just started back on Diflucan and BOY can I feel it!
Posted by 5dana8 (Member # 7935) on :
yes, definitely i have herxed hard from a yeast die off. sometimes just as hard as a lyme herx.

diflucan works the best for thrush & systemic yeast for me, but everyones so different.
ya have to get your liver function tests though if your on it for some time.

may be worth will to do a search here - some studies have suggested it can hit some forms of the lyme as well.

the above is not meant for medical advise - just my 2 cents

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