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Posted by groovy2 (Member # 6304) on :
Hi All--

I B Feeling Good -->>>>

I am Symptom and Pain Free for Many months-

The only real problem that I still have
is Insomnia Real Bad--

I am taking meds for sleep and they are
working Much Better -
Last night I slept almost 12 hours --
Still on Vampire time tho --

I have (Had) both Lyme and Babs for
about 22 yrs -- Saw BullsEye on my leg -->
Undiagnosed for 18 years--OucH--

Found LLMD -->
Took close to FIVE Years of treatment-
- OucH -

Treatment could have been completed
in about 3 years if circumstances had
been better-->> OucH


I have been Very Buzzy lately cleaning up
and Fixing up my house-->>

Today I worked on the wiring house
and shop -- 10 hours -- non stop -

I purchased equipment to machine metal with
and am going to be making Bicycles and
Robotic Video Cameras --

One of the bicycle designs I made was so I could
still Ride with Real Bad Joint Pain I had --
I Hurt Bad --

The bike is ReaL Comfortable --> Fast -->
and Looks CooL too -->

Before I started treatment I was
Very Close to death --I figured that
at the rate I was going I had
a couple of months to live -

I set up a rope in my garage so that
I could hang myself when I could not
take the pain anymore --Sad--

Now after--
Years of Gobbling Piles of Pills -

Drinking Gallons of Tea and Tonic Water
--More Pills -- Barffing -Migraines-
---> Peeing -- Eating Healthy--

Herx after Herx after Herx --More Pills-
More puking --Sweating -Flopping around--
--Hours of NON Stop Pain --

And Large Piles of Money --

Was It worth it ???? -- YES --

Now out in the garage I was going to
hang myself in I Now have a
--Bright Purple--
Bridgeport Metal Milling machine-

I bet I am the Only person in the US
that has a Bright Purple Milling Machine--

Stock color of the machine is Grey --

So why am I telling you this ???

To Show You that YOU Can Get Well Again --

Its Not Easy - its Painful- Long and
Seemingly Endless and Defiantly No Fun --

You CAN get Well Again-- I Have --
--- Jay --->>>
Posted by madge (Member # 13704) on :
soooo happy for you groovy....this indeed gives
me hope for my hubby...been sick 8 yrs almost
3 yrs in treatment for must feel good
to be able feel like doing things
or play...take care and thanks for your story...
Madge [hi]
Posted by radfaraf (Member # 11909) on :
Glad to hear from you again [hi] .
Posted by lundeliz (Member # 10806) on :
That's wonderful. Many months symptom free.

Are you completely off treatment then? (Except

for the sleep meds?)

Can you tell me something I've been wondering

about? When you came off treatment were you

totally symptom free? Was even the fatigue gone?

Hope you enjoy many many years of symptom

free living!
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
hi jay; happy times are here again !!

please post your link in SUPPORT'S "SUCCESS STORIES" to give hope, encouragement to others!! good for you jay [Smile] hugs/kisses
Posted by joalo (Member # 12752) on :
Thank you for giving us all some hope. [kiss]

I think I may be beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm almost afraid to say it, though.
Posted by Peedie (Member # 15355) on :
Gosh Jay!!!!
High Five to you!!!
Thanks for sharing the good news and giving us a ray of sunshine!
I love purple! [Smile]
Posted by psano2 (Member # 11711) on :
congrats jay!
Posted by CherylSue (Member # 13077) on :
Hooray, Jay!
Posted by Beautiful Disaster (Member # 21882) on :
Thank you for sharing! I loved that post!
Posted by DaveNJ (Member # 17362) on :

i am so happy for you...and hope to join you soon.

Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Groovy, you're great! Thanks again for sharing your story. Don't get bitten again!
Posted by TerryK (Member # 8552) on :
Jay, wonderful that you are still doing well!!!

I know you've done a LOT to get better. I'm so happy for you!!!

As I recall, you noticed a big shift in your condition when you removed a mold issue from your house.

My recollection is that you were visiting your parents and you felt much better. Then when you got home you got sicker. We discussed the possibility that mold was an issue, you tore up your carpet and things started to improve.

Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :

I'm doing a happy dance for you. How very splendid, indeed. Enjoy all you can. And thanks for sharing your experiences.

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